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To go home and help her or stay here?????

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wherearemypaintbrushes · 23/11/2019 16:06

Hi all. Currently on a date with a lovely man that I have met Smile I am staying up until tomorrow. I have trusted my eldest daughter (twenty years old) and her boyfriend to 'babysit' DD14. They are planning to get a chinese tonight but DD has, for the past week, counting her calories responsibly and exercising Smile I had told DD that her best friend could stay over for the day if she wanted. They had made a plan and all seemed fine until I got an email by DD14 that basically said she doesn't want chinese because of the calories, she just had a panic attack and was sobbing, friend couldn't come over, she doesn't want to go downstairs because of DD20's bf (she seems to dislike him for reasons that I don't know although she is an anxious/ shygirl)
I am now concerned due to the number of problems here. I don't know whether to go home or leave her to calm down Sad especially the part about the calories. We have experience in our family of eating disorders and the way she wrote it seemed worrying. I only got the email an hour ago and there have been no more but I still don't know what to do Sad

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YeOldeTrout · 24/11/2019 19:37

It sounds like massive attention seeking but I'm not sure there isn't something else going on that you'd like to know about. Crummy set of choices, sorry.

wherearemypaintbrushes · 25/11/2019 18:48

Hi all.Sorry for not replying - I am now very proud of my DD. By the time I replied to the email she said that all was fine now. As for the calorie counting, I don't see anything wrong with simple 'Don't want to go above the recommended intake, will burn it off' etc. However I was worried that she was upset over the calories. She is a healthy weight and she is maintaining it.
No need to worry as she is now eating a domino's chicken strip meal Grin
The sandwiches were store bought and pre packaged BTW - boyfriend is lovely so no need to worry about anything suspicious. Glad for the advice. x

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