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Applying for a job when I got turned down before

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outherealone · 23/11/2019 14:19

I have had a tumultuous year. I lost my job in very difficult circumstances and took a series of minimum wage jobs until I got a decent job. I applied for somewhere I really wanted but didn’t get an interview (very unlike me but I think my cv went haywire so I can see why I’m not such an attractive prospect anymore)
Anyway the job I wanted is being advertised again a year later. I have been in the same role for nearly a year now and gained much more relevant experience but I prefer the other job.
It’s only being advertised as ‘temporary with a possibility of permanent’ so its very risky.
They have said I can apply again but I’m so nervous for many reasons.
They wouldn’t give feedback last time on my failed application so apart from adding my new experience I don’t know what else to do (I already had very relevant experience but my bitty CV could have masked it)
My current job is good and well paid but the pressures are huge in terms of workload and it’s a very hardgoing job in terms of the type of service we offer and has a very short shelf life for employees . So I’m not sure what my aibu is...
Would I bu to apply for a temp job when I got turned down last time when I have a well paid but very stressful permanent job following a year of temp poorly paid jobs?
Any managers/ recruiters here?!

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Am I being unreasonable?


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CaptainCabinets · 23/11/2019 14:20

Why not! The worst they can say is no. What have you got to lose?

Good luck Cake


2000partyoveroops · 23/11/2019 14:22

Do it OP. What’s the worst that can happen? You’re not doing anything wrong by applying again but if you don’t, you will always wonder ‘what if?’


DeeZastris · 23/11/2019 14:26

Send your cv off. You’ve got nothing to lose. Good luck.


outherealone · 23/11/2019 14:37

Thank you lovely people!!!

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tealandteal · 23/11/2019 14:38

You don't have to actually make a decision until you are offered the job. You can send off the application and go for an interview and see what happens! The interview is just as much about seeing if that place is right for you. Good luck!


filka · 23/11/2019 14:39

Your CV should always be customised to highlight the aspects that are relevant to your prospective employer and demote the things that are not (but without lying of course, just a change of emphasis).

I would be wary of going for a temp-to-perm job if you are already in a permanent position - what is so attractive about it?

If you are under pressure in your current job, will you be under any less pressure in the new one? Especially if it is more money.


DontMakeMeShushYou · 23/11/2019 14:40

Rewrite your CV so that it is skills-based rather than chronological as highlighting your skills sounds important, and then, yes, apply again. Good luck.


speakout · 23/11/2019 14:42

I think it's a great idea.

There was a company I really wanted to work for, but failed to get the job because I was lacking experience in a certain area.
So I took myself off to a competitor company, gained the experience for two years.
I heard through the grapevine that the first job had a vacancy again and phoned the manager asking if I could be considered.
I was interviewed and got the job.
The company admired the fact that I had gone off to improve my skill set, and were happy to employ me.

It shows tenacity.


Diy2019 · 23/11/2019 14:45

Yes I started a job last year that I had applied and interviewed for 3 years earlier.
I really wanted to work there so applies again, got the job and took it. Best thing I have done career wise.
Good luck


outherealone · 23/11/2019 14:45

It’s an application form rather than a cv. I meant CV in terms of my employment history.
I want to leave because the job is mega stressful and was mis advertised, the hours don’t match the workload and the client group is much harder than I expected. The environment has a high level of sickness, stress and burnout but I don’t know how to put that in the ‘reason for leaving’ section.
I’d ask more about the possibility of temp to permanent if offered an interview.

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outherealone · 23/11/2019 14:46

Thank you again to all recent repliers!

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