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Am I prepared to be a single parent

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ladyofearlybedtimes · 22/11/2019 21:05

Posting here as I really need some support. I have found out I'm pregnant which is a massive shock. I've been with my partner for over two years on and off, but I can't see the relationship would last long term. My logical brain is telling me not to bring this child into the world as I can't see us staying together. We don't live together, we don't even live in the same city and only see each other at weekends. I've told him I'm pregnant and he's very happy and will support me no matter what and deep down I would love a baby. I'm so confused and conflicted on what to do.

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Isleepinahedgefund · 22/11/2019 21:47

Sending you a hug, you’re in a hard situation. The important thing is to do what’s best for you.

You don’t need a partner to raise a child. Yes it might be easier, but you will do just fine on your own - as do I, and as do many, many others.

What’s your situation - are you working, what’s your employer like with maternity benefits flex working etc?

Remember you’re full of hormones at the mo and that may affect your thinking

Dontknowwhyidoit · 22/11/2019 22:13

It all depends on what you really want. Bring a single parent is hard but being a parent is also very rewarding. Lots of people with partners do all the child care so having a partner doesn't help but having someone to emotionally lean on does help enormously. I've been a single parent and in a relationship with kids and I think the most important factor is how much you want a child. 💐💐

stucknoue · 22/11/2019 22:32

It's hard, one thing to consider is family help, my mum was super keen and actually seemed upset that my then bf stepped up to be a dad. Another is money. Finally age matters , if you are 22 then you have loads of time to meet someone else but if you are 40 and want children this could be your only chance

skylighting · 22/11/2019 22:33

I was completely terrified to be a single mum, terrified. It's hard, but I am doing ok. It could've been a lot worse. You can do it.

ladyofearlybedtimes · 22/11/2019 22:50

My situation is a bit complex. I'm in my early thirties and already have a child with my ex husband and my son sees his dads lots. I work and have a home

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