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For being angry?

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caravanette · 20/11/2019 18:36

I got bullied in my previous workplace. AIBU for still being angry about it?

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Majorcollywobble · 20/11/2019 18:38

But if you continue to nurse the memory the bullies won once when you left your previous job and continue to win if you can’t put it firmly behind you .

Mamasaurus82 · 20/11/2019 18:42

It's probably normal to feel angry still. Can you express it somehow? Write it all down, artwork, music? Take up kick boxing?

AmbitiouslyFit · 20/11/2019 18:50

Is there way to honor the experience that you went to without making it cloud your feelings with so much negativity such as what anger does to you??

You obviously didn’t feel like you stuck up for yourself by quitting your workplace. Are you disappointed with how you dealt and managed the situation??

Tattoosandmemories · 20/11/2019 18:54

Same, @caravanette. I was bullied out of my job over 4 years ago and it still makes me angry when I think about it.

Thankfully, it crosses my mind less and less frequently as time goes on.

Although the woman than bullied me accidentally liked a photo of mine on Instagram. She doesn't follow me and had obviously just come for a snoop and it made me apopoleptic! She almost ruined my career and still couldn't leave me alone.

Some people are just dickheads. Don't give it too much power over your life.


caravanette · 20/11/2019 19:20

You're right collywobble I needed to hear that

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caravanette · 20/11/2019 19:22

Thanks for your response. - I didn't leave my job - we were actually posted to different offices as our office was closing !! I'm not with any of them now in my new workplace. youve all given very useful food for thought. I'm just going to rationalise things I think and think this experience will never happen again in this way

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caravanette · 20/11/2019 19:24

Tattoos sorry about your experience . The way to look at that instagram thing is that you're over it while she's still petty and immature!!

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SadForNoReason · 20/11/2019 19:24

I got bullied in a work place 10 years ago!! One and only time I've been bullied. I STILL feel a little peed off to be honest, and thinking about the perpetrator makes me feel sick.

caravanette · 20/11/2019 19:42

I can imagine Sad sorry that happened - although at least you can say its the only time

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