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To insist DH puts 3 DC's to bed?

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MrsScavo · 20/08/2007 15:40

I have a huge amount to do..housework, pack for holiday, ironing, list items on eBay (needs to be done now before I start packing to move house in Sept'). It will never get done unless DH completely takes over DC's when he comes in from work at 6pm. If I have a roast chicken, etc ready, would it be unreasonable to ask?

OP posts:

scorpio1 · 20/08/2007 15:41

no, not as a one off thing! you sound like you have alot to do, and he will have had dinner


PSCMUM · 20/08/2007 15:42

is this a joke post? I sincerely hope so! Why should you have to ask?! He is your partner for christ's sake and you're in this together - no you're not being unreasonable!


Meeely2 · 20/08/2007 15:42

god no - hold a gun to his head if u have to (although this would ruin the point of you making him do it) are more than capable of doing bedtime stuff.....


HonoriaGlossop · 20/08/2007 15:46

Errrr....why on earth would that be unreasonable? He is parent too!


Dropdeadfred · 20/08/2007 15:47

is this a serious question? how often does he normally put them to bed?


Meeely2 · 20/08/2007 15:48

alternatively, get him to do housework and pack and you have a fun bathtime with kids.....


Bainmarie · 20/08/2007 15:50

Seems reasonable to me! It's a much nicer job sorting the kids than housework,packing for hols etc.
You could give him the choice of either?


LazyLineLegilimens · 20/08/2007 15:51

DH gets home from work between 4:30 and 5 and he usually totally takes over child care 'til bedtime.

YANBU. It can get like that, when you have a move or holiday coming up, where you feel like you are the one doing all the organising. He should do it without question.


MrsScavo · 20/08/2007 17:04

LOL, I thought I was going to get "he's been at work all day, blah, blah"

DH normally puts the boys to bed, while I sort out a very stroppy 2 yo old DD.

Well, on with the house work!

OP posts:

alicet · 20/08/2007 18:34

You have had a busy day at work too looking after your dc's!!! Plus you're not sitting on your arse while he puts them to bed (and why shouldn't you occasionally do this either?!

Don't think you are being unreasonalble at all and sure he won't either! Dh is bathing ds at the mo while I chill for a bit - I'll then go give him his milk and put him to bed. And I've been off today with ds (work 3 days a week). Sometimes he does it all sometimes I do and sometimes we split it - depends on who is tired and what else there is to do.

have a lovely holiday!

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