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Help! Micheal Jackson

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maisouimacherie · 20/11/2019 05:29

Posting here for traffic, and NC'd. Am a long time MNer: penis beaker, Mexican houseguest, softzilla, Daily Mail are shit.

DS is a preteen and has HF ASD. He and his school friends are very focused on Micheal Jackson, and spend all day discussing the dances, the clothes, watching clips of his music videos and practicing. For Christmas the only thing that he has asked for is a Micheal Jackson figurine, so he can make some stop motion movies with it. And when he wrote his letter to Father Christmas (yes, he still believes, and I am treating this as the last Christmas where he will still have this), he went even further and specified that he would like a 'Bad' figurine.

I wasn't concerned, because of recent events, I thought that MJ merchandise would be inexpensive but Holy Moly! It's actually hundreds of pounds!

So now I am looking for ideas... It is the only thing that he has asked for. I have ordered him a little Lego figure, but that isn't what he wants really.


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DorisDay88 · 20/11/2019 05:36

Just looked on eBay and there seems to be loads of figures there starting at about £10. You might find what you want there


svenwhen · 20/11/2019 05:36

Just saw them on eBay. Yes there's memorabilia ones for over a hundred but there's figurines for just for 20 pounds too.


maisouimacherie · 20/11/2019 05:56

Oh is there? I don't use eBay, thanks'

OP posts:

recrudesence · 20/11/2019 06:49

When I started reading your OP I thought you were going to ask for advice about how to discourage your son’s interest in MJ!


maisouimacherie · 20/11/2019 07:08

Hahaha there is no discouraging him.

I must be thick, I cannot find any Bad figures for a reasonable amount. Lots of the other outfits, but not the one he has requested.

I did see a naked one, and would be willing to attempt to make it an outfit.

OP posts:

UOkhun77 · 20/11/2019 07:43

No suggestions I’m afraid but so surprised they are all into Michael Jackson. We were doing all that when I was at school in the late 80s/early 90s. Don’t blame them though, still love a bit of MJ!

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