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Fishing for immigrants - bizarre convo, flabber is gasted

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yolofish · 19/11/2019 15:13

We are lucky enough to live very close to the sea, near-ish to Dover, so everyday I walk on the beach with the dog.

Today, I met a couple of elderly chaps (mid 60s?) preparing to set to sea in a little dinghy. I asked them if they were going fishing, and they said no, we're looking for immigrants!

Apparently, they all slip through the net somehow, so these two chaps were going out to find some.

I said how sorry I felt that anyone would put to sea to cross the channel in a RIB, how cold, how scary. But they all have smart trainers and iphones so it's ok. They countered my mention of the 39 vietnamese people who died with a further 15 who turned up at a cafe run by one of their daughters in Wiltshire - and you know what? the police who found them in the back of the lorry asked her close the cafe to customers and feed the lorry victims instead!

Very weird exchange for a Tuesday afternoon.

OP posts:
53rdWay · 19/11/2019 15:16

Oswald Mosley's Dad's Army.

Sexnotgender · 19/11/2019 15:17

How bizarre Confused

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