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DH covert Narcissistic

4 replies

GwenMalone · 19/11/2019 10:12

I am having difficulties with my DH and his lack of respect for me and also not treating me or our DC as a priority. I have just read up on covert narcissism and he really fits the criteria. I don't know what to do. Has anyone experienced being married to a covert Narcissist.

OP posts:

Sunshine3389 · 27/04/2020 22:20

Hi Gwen, i feel the same way. I feel trapped constantly.


crystalize · 27/04/2020 22:24

Maybe ask to move thread into relationships. Im sure there will be lots of response on there.


Sunshine3389 · 27/04/2020 22:35

Hi Crystalise, do you have any experience? All i hear are issues. Is there a solution?


Sunshine3389 · 27/04/2020 22:36

I meant with Covert Narcs. Especially if you live or work with one.

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