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AIBU to be sick of corporate beggers at work??

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OnlyAGirlsHorse · 18/11/2019 19:12

I am so sick of the "corporate social responsibility" shite that does the rounds at work, which always always begs us to dip into taxed earnings to meet company goals. Which, if we meet the target, is then boasted about in social media & in newsletters as if the company has done something.

The latest one is another begging email for sponsorship of some sports activity, alongside another thing where we can go and sacrifice our lunch break (it's something akin to competition cycling to see how fast you can cycle a mile on a bike, quickest department wins but employees "donate" to enter).

I wouldn't mind if it's a charity I support but the targets are always ones I would never prefer to funnel my limited cash to!

And the latest one is paying £x for dress down Friday every week despite the fact that it's a very casual office and there's really no actual dressing down. The office administrator keeps jangling her fucking bucket at the desks expecting everyone to chip in.

Am I just being a grump because I'm seriously considering asking my manager about the pressure this places on staff, it's constant & humiliating if (like me) you don't even carry cash around any more!!!Angry

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Am I being unreasonable?


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spoonfulofsalt · 19/11/2019 11:39

Every time I’m asked if I can donate a cake (I love baking big buttercream things) which cost me about £30 to make! And then I have to pay for a ticket to eat my own bloody cake!


danmthatonestakentryanotheer · 19/11/2019 11:40

We have this too. I think the worse one was when some employees decided to climb Killamanjaro(?). They had to raise £2000 each in order to do it (there were 4 of them so £8000 needed). The company CEO was blathering on about what excellent people he had working there and how proud his multi-million pound company were.....Not proud enough to contribute anything though..nope that was down to us, the little people, some of whom were made to feel awful if they didn't agree to have £30 deducted from their monthly wage in order to pay for it. I have a thick skin and the mouth of a sailor and told them where to shove their salary sacrifice.

FavouriteSoul · 19/11/2019 15:55

Climbing Kilimanjaro is an adventure holiday and I'm damned if I'm paying for anyone to do that. People should fund themselves. I'd rather give to a charity of my choosing than pay for someone's exciting holiday.

ForalltheSaints · 19/11/2019 18:20

YANBU given it does not seem to be a room or space for fundraising that you can choose to (or not) take part.

Perhaps point out to HR the unreasonableness of it, as for you it amounts to harassment.

TrainspottingWelsh · 19/11/2019 20:52

damn oh yes, the expensive holidays dressed up as fundraisers so everyone else can foot the bill. Am I fuck paying for some twat to travel halfway round the world and enjoy themselves doing expensive activities.

offtotheshire · 20/11/2019 05:19

Climbing Kilimanjaro is an adventure holiday and I'm damned if I'm paying for anyone to do that.

Same with all the people I know fundraising for their cross-country cycling trip!!!

TheSerenDipitY · 20/11/2019 06:32

if you dont want to say no every time, just each time you are asked say that you have a standing monthly donation going to breast cancer and child cancer and the heart foundation or you sponsor 20 children with save the children or buy goats for African villages and kindly offer to get her some direct debit forms in case she would like to join you in sponsoring as there are many villages that need a goat

PerkyPomPoms · 20/11/2019 06:48

Just say no, you give elsewhere and keep walking

AufderAutobahn · 20/11/2019 07:17

This kind of thing was a big deal where I used to work. It was always the lowest paid people who did the most and were expected to do the most.

CroissantsAtDawn · 20/11/2019 07:18


My company does lots of corporate responsibility stuff but we don't pay anything. All we have to do is come to work wearing trainers/pink/whatever and post a photo of ourselves somewhere. For every photo, the company donates x euros. I have never been asked to give money.

BrokenWing · 20/11/2019 07:42

Our company does a lot of charity type things, like dress down Friday for £1, sponsorship + company matches whatever is raised, local foodbank donations, Xmas gifts for local woman's refuge, raffles, selling home baking, nights out, one of the charities come in and sell small gifts etc around xmas time etc. The list is endless...

The 6 charities supported are nominated then chosen annually by a voting system and are usually local, any money raised is split evening between them.

But, they also have a rule that there is no pressure. You are allowed to send out an email asking people to participate but not allowed to approach people directly, the charity tin is in reception for those that wish to donate on dress down Friday. It works well and they make a reasonable amount of money each year, and it has a good vibe as there is no awkwardness if you don't/can't contribute.

tillytrotter1 · 20/11/2019 07:52

Not involved in workplace any longer but can I add the constant £2/month TV ads trying to guilt trip us around Christmas. It never says how much goes to the charity and how much to the companies arranging the ads.

emilybrontescorsett · 20/11/2019 07:52

I agree with you op.

I got sick and tired of being asked to donate food, bakecakes, dress down (impractical wear I worked) work through my lunch, stay after work (unpaid) etc etc .
Yet when you asked for time off it was always on no, adding have enough staff to allow you time off. Never, ever allowed TOIL no matter how many extra hours you gave.

Puzzledandpissedoff · 20/11/2019 08:18

Encouraged to see the voting Wink

I detest any kind of coercion in things which should be voluntary so this kind of pressure would drive me bananas anywhere, never mind in the workplace

As PPs have said, simply tell them you've already chosen the charities you'll support and leave it at that

EvaHarknessRose · 20/11/2019 08:19

Sounds awful. NHS here and while I like valuing people who have contributed to the team, we have periods where so many people are leaving, the rest of us are on our knees and there's constant envelopes going around - after the sixth in two weeks I can get pretty miserly.

Can I suggest you pick one thing to join in with or contribute to, do that enthusiastically and then politely say 'I've chosen to support another initiative - good luck with the fundraising'

pelirocco123 · 20/11/2019 08:28

Our company used to belong to a group of other companies that were contracted to do work through a central company , the CEO for this company was awarded a CBE for her charity work ....mostly money collected in from the contracted in companies * charge per item we put through the central company

BrightYellowDaffodil · 20/11/2019 10:48

YANBU, I loathe any sense of enforced “donating”. Fortunately we don’t have that here but in my last job there was plenty of it. I explained over and over again that I had my own charities I supported (all the charities chosen were always child-based and practically no other charity sector got a look in) and eventually they stopped asking me. I presume they thought I was some miserable old cow but I’d long since stopped caring.

For those who’ve voted YABU, care to share your thoughts?

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