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Naked wines, for traffic!

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HopefullyAnonymous · 18/11/2019 14:41

Sorry, I know AIBU!! Has anyone had a refund from naked wines and can remember how long it took to process? I’ve just cancelled my account with £200 in there. Have a trip with friends booked at the end of the week and was hoping to treat myself to a little something from duty free!

OP posts:

JigsawsAreInPieces · 18/11/2019 15:01

Have you phoned them to enquire? They're the best people to answer your question, (not being funny) than people on a chat forum!


longwayoff · 18/11/2019 15:01

Must get new glasses. Read that as naked wives for traffic.Confused


HopefullyAnonymous · 18/11/2019 16:38

They said a up to ten days but I suppose I was hoping that was to cover themselves and that it might be sooner.

Appreciate it’s not what AIBU is for but I’ve seen wine clubs discussed a few times and hoped someone might have experience. Sorry!

OP posts:

Glenthebattleostrich · 18/11/2019 16:42

I think mine was 5 days when I cancelled a couple of weeks ago

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