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To be worried my dd is going to fail LAMDA exam?

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zurala · 17/11/2019 19:54

My dd took her grade one solo LAMDA exam today. At her mock she was word perfect and did brilliantly.

Today she got her lines wrong in one of her pieces, stopped, was prompted by the examiner, asked if she could start again, was told no, so carried on. Everything else she did fine (she tells me).

She's gutted. She usually gets distinctions. I'm worried that she messed up so badly they will fail her. Does anyone know how it's marked?

I need to prepare her if she's going to fail because she's autistic and is going to be beyond upset.

Anyone know how the LAMDA marking system works? AIBU to think she might fail?

OP posts:
RedHelenB · 17/11/2019 20:24

A grade1 is an early exam and they wont expect them to be perfect At the school I taught in, I dont know anyone that failed and as they all had to enter some werent that bothered or prepared for it beyond what they'd practised in school.

nolongersurprised · 17/11/2019 20:38

One of my daughters did this in her first drama exam and still got a distinction.

But - being “beyond upset” at not getting a distinction is something you need to start working on now. That perfectionism (which I am aware is an ASD trait) can lead to avoidance. Much better for a capable child to challenge themselves and learn from that process, rather than focus too much on the outcome.

zurala · 17/11/2019 20:54

Yes we do work on it but it is part of being autistic and so I'd need to do some work before the results arrive to help her have the resilience. It's not easy for Autistic children.

OP posts:
zurala · 17/11/2019 20:56

It's reassuring it's not an automatic fail. That's what I wanted to know. It's ok if she doesn't get a distinction (to me anyway) and I think she would cope with that. A fail would have been something else.

I'm also concerned she thinks her teacher will be cross with her for making the mistake but that's a different issue. He's actually very nice so I don't know why she thinks that.

OP posts:
Nogoodusername · 17/11/2019 20:58

It will be fine - at Grade 1 she will be marked on two pieces (40% of the mark for each piece) and then a section for the questions (20%). So stopping and restarting one piece won’t lead to a fail. She might not do so well on that piece but there is still 60% of the overall mark even discounting that.

What exams has she previously got distinctions for? At Grade 1 this must be her first Lamda?

Comefromaway · 17/11/2019 21:08

There are 3 pre Grade 1 grades meant for younger children/beginners.

The syllabus and mark scheme has very recently changed so I can’t really comment. All assessment criteria must be met but a fail would be a failure to communicate the sense of the piece.

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