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To move to a country where I don’t know the language?

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Ribrabrob · 17/11/2019 06:37

I want to move to a country that I love and have visited regularly. This country is fairly easy to get a visa for (although not in the EU) so that’s not really a problem. I will need to work there eventually, however fortunately this isn’t a main priority and I will be able to get by for a little while without.

The thing is, is that I don’t speak the language - at all!

Aibu to move to a country whose language I do not know? Will it be easier to pick up while I’m living there, rather than just using apps and books etc (like I’m doing now). The language is one famous for being hard to learn! And I can’t say I’ve ever been too great at learning languages, even at school. However, it’s my dream to live in this country and I don’t want this to hold me back.

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inthekitchensink · 17/11/2019 23:31

Depends on responsibilities! Footloose and fancy free - yes of course - get a TEFL under your belt, hire students when you get there to teach you privately & intensively, don’t get stuck in an expat bubble. Although a friend at your embassy is a useful one in many situations

IamtheDevilsAvocado · 18/11/2019 03:00

Before you go I would make every effort to learn basics.... Depending on how good you want to be...
Grammar lessons plus conversation
And or Duolingo type apps...

My second language English husband learn t French reasonably easily like this and can now read simple papers /menus and have convos

Ponoka7 · 18/11/2019 03:28

I've had friends go on holiday to Turkey, loved it and stayed. They learned the language while working there.

Likewise other countries, but not Russia or Japan/Chinese. Like Welsh there are so many dialects.

One of my friend's first language is Shona, I can speak that easier around her and her friends, more than the pigeon English etc I've tried around other African friends.

I wouldn't say that it's out of the question.

HulksPurplePanties · 18/11/2019 08:45

@HulksPurplePanties There are hardly (none?) any countries out there where English is 'the business language' that don't have English as an official language.

The Gulf States and many other countries in the Middle East & Africa. Many large internationals in North & South East Asia.

HulksPurplePanties · 18/11/2019 08:49

So unless you get a job beforehand in a company that knows you don't speak tha language and where you deal mainly with English speakign customers, in most countries you would not even be offered the most basic jobs if you cannot communicate in the language.

Fuck me, someone should have told me that 17 years ago! So that's why I'm struggling with a 6 figure salary. Hmm

Plenty of jobs for natural English speakers in many countries. It's actually an advantage in many sectors.

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