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I haven't got a clue....

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Cluelesscyclewidow · 16/11/2019 22:32

This might be the wrong topic to ask in...but...I need help!

My DP is cycle mad and he wants a DWR (Durable Water Repellant....Apparantly) MTB jacket, Any ideas? Ive seen one by Fox, its a C6 DWR, I have no idea what that means so if any of you lovely lot can help, I would be eternally grateful, I would even share my wine with you all Smile

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BarbaraofSeville · 16/11/2019 22:36

Get him to buy his own and do token presents for Christmas, much simpler than the charade of either you having to guess exactly what the right brand, size and specification he wants is or else him having to say get me X item from Y shop, which is utterly pointless.

Cluelesscyclewidow · 16/11/2019 22:40

I know what sort of thing he is after, I know he wants a water resistant jacket as he has talked about it for months (I switch off...teach me not to listen properly lol) he isnt bothered about brand, but has mentioned Fox a few times, The one i'm looking at looks ok for the price, I'm just confused at to what "C6" means.

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TheNinkiestNonk · 16/11/2019 22:57

I have a MTB mad h and DS's and don't think you can go wrong with Fox anything! I don't have a clue with any of it but seems to go down well as presents in our house !

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