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To ^NOT^ want to ask for any money.............

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TheQueenOfQuotes · 20/08/2007 00:42

from one of the mums I know from the school gate in return for a big bag of clothes that DS3 has already grown out of??

I've got a load of stuff that he doesn't fit, some was given to me 2nd hand, some was bought as presents for him, some we bought - regardless all but one or two things need to go.

Mum I know from the school gate (we chat quite regularly and she's v good friends with one of my v good friends) has 3 girls and is expecting her first DS.

I've told her that I've got the stuff (if she wants it) and her first reaction was "how much do you want for it" - I told her nothing. But 2 of my other friends think I'm bonkers for not "giving a price" especially as money is a bit tight for us while I'm on SMP.

Thing is - While they're not skint - they're not exactly loaded either - and people have always been so generous to us with baby clothes/toys/etc that I really don't want to ask for anything for these clothes.. "What goes around comes around" is my thoughts on it. IYKWIM -

OP posts:

mamama · 20/08/2007 00:46

Think its a very nice thing to do. I agree with you. It's good karma.


mamama · 20/08/2007 00:48

I gave away lots of DSs clothes when he grew out of them. If people asked how much, I would say "nothing, but maybe you could pass them on to someone else who needs them when you've finished with them"


mummytoamonkey · 20/08/2007 00:52

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hana · 20/08/2007 00:58

a friend regularly gives me her dd's outgrown clothes/books/toys etc. I usually buy the girl something new when we get a new stash - nothing big, a new book or a new top. She's thrilled and I'm thrilled to get getting lots of things for my own girls for nothing
I agree, it's all good karma


Pan · 20/08/2007 01:01

The clothes don't owe you anything. Lots of dd's stuff goes to others, free, and I tell her where it goes to i.e., usually, other little girls who don't have them otherwise, and she likes that bit.
Just do it.


TheQueenOfQuotes · 20/08/2007 01:05

thanks - I thought maybe I'd missed somethng that "all gifts of no longer needed clothes but reap financial rewards for the giver" .

TBH I don't care what she does with them after her DS outgrows them - I'm keeping one or two "special" bits - and the rest would have been going to a charity shop!

OP posts:

LazyLineLegilimens · 20/08/2007 07:47

I think it's only fair that clothes that no longer fit are passed on for free. I have reaped the benefits of this from family and friends and would never ask for money for old clothes. They would only go in the recycling anyway.


Spandex · 20/08/2007 11:11

Lovely. I wouldn't ask for money either. It's great to see the stuff being worn again and that some kids have some decent clobber to wear I think.


Hurlyburly · 20/08/2007 11:22

You know I think it's nice to be able to give clothes and stuff to friends and acquaintances. People did it for me, and I've done it in my turn. It's a lovely way for parents to help fellow parents - part of the fellowship of parenting, if you will. Asking for money just seems a bit wrong.


EscapeFrom · 20/08/2007 11:24

I am a true believer that gifts should not be sold - if someone has given you baby clothes it would be awful to profit from their generosity - UNLESS it's that or starve, of course


HappyDaddy · 20/08/2007 11:26

We've given away loads of dds old clothes and toys, to charity shops. They were amazed we hadn't been selling them.


TheQueenOfQuotes · 20/08/2007 11:28

thanks - I also think it's wrong to sell them (especially as most were new baby gifts/2nd hand ones) - and the amount of clothes we've been given over the years (some of it really nice stuff) for absolutely nothing would make it totally wrong in my view. It's just these 2 friends were so insistant that I was bonkers not to be asking for anything for them!

OP posts:

SleeplessInTheStaceym11House · 20/08/2007 11:29 been giving away loads of both my dcs too small stuff and people ask me how much i want or say ' when i get soem cash i'll give you something' well no i dont want anything, they are doing no-one any good sat in my wardrobe, bloody well just use them and pass them on!!!


fussymummy · 20/08/2007 11:44

I give away all my childrens clothes to friends.
Never want anything for any of it.
Have given away loads over the years, even all toys, pushchairs went to hospital childrens ward.
Give to friends or nursery have toys and clothes (as spares).
I just like helping others.


mummymagic · 20/08/2007 11:45

I think its nice to give things away for free.

If someone is insistent that they want to give me something, I usually joke that 'chocolate is always appreciated'. Some people like to show their appreciation and find receiving freebies hard.


fussymummy · 20/08/2007 11:51

I give to people who i know won't be offended.
Most are just really grateful, especially as its all still in excellent condition.


wishuponastar3 · 20/08/2007 12:08

i gave my friend loads of baby stuff for nothing and now i am expecting again she has tried to sell it back to me!


SleeplessInTheStaceym11House · 20/08/2007 12:10

wish now thats just plain rude


mummytoamonkey · 21/08/2007 10:41

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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