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To hope that all UK citizens abroad know about Proxy Voting

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Biber · 16/11/2019 13:07

In previous elections and the referendum many postal votes went astray, or just did not arrive in time. Or were rejected by the automatic signature scanning equipment. It is far better and safer to set up with someone to vote in person for you. Known as a Proxy Voter.

Some people overseas no longer have trusted connections who can get to their UK polling station for them.

So an organisation has been set up, mainly on Facebook but available via other ways, to link up willing Remain proxy voters and people who need them.

See this article

Or just join

The people are linked up but it is their own final choice to go through with the partnership. The voters all have to be vouched for.

Remainers overseas, please spread this through your networks,

OP posts:

Hisdoeherbuck · 16/11/2019 13:12

As a Brit overseas I will not be voting, it’s not right to vote for something that won’t ever effect you


Biber · 16/11/2019 13:29

As a Brit overseas I will not be voting, it’s not right to vote for something that won’t ever effect you

Maybe British government policies don't affect you, but they certainly do affect many overseas UK citizens who pay tax here, have family here. Plus brexit that stops the rights of UK citizens in the continent.

Particularly a hard brexit that doesn't guarantee their pensions would remain aligned to what is paid in the UK and stop them being able to freely travel across EU borders which makes working and family life impossible for many thousands.

A no deal brexit makes them and EU 27 citizens here into illegal immigrants overnight.

For very many UK citizens abroad, it is very much a matter of personal interest.

OP posts:

Foodielady · 16/11/2019 14:26

Only Brits who have lived abroad for less than 15 years are eligible to vote.


DramaAlpaca · 16/11/2019 14:30

I was just going to say what Foodielady said.


BlackCatSleeping · 16/11/2019 14:32

Yes, I’m no longer eligible to vote in the UK. I also can’t vote in the country I live as I’m a permanent resident not a citizen.


Foodielady · 16/11/2019 16:37

I’m not eligible to vote in the UK but not a permanent resident where I live either. We will return to the UK at some point.

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