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To expect a reply to party invitations?

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Probablygreen · 15/11/2019 21:34

Sent out invitations to my almost 3 year old’s birthday party almost a week ago to children at nursery. I have received 2 responses back - one saying yes please, one saying no thanks. Both of these responses are fine, so AIBU to think it is rude that people haven’t replied? The party is only a week away so it’s not like I’m asking people to commit to a distant date in the future. Some of the invitations went to friends whose parties my DD has attended previously so I would have at least expected a reply from them given that we have a cordial relationship. I know that the invitations have definitely been given out, and it’s not like I know these people so I’m not going to call them out on it if they make their excuses, it just would be nice to know if anyone is going to turn up! I’m dreading getting there and have to explain to my DD why her friends haven’t come to her party, I’d rather know so that I can cancel and do something nice as a family as she would probably love that anyway. What does everyone recommend I do?

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UnderTheSleepingBaby · 15/11/2019 21:57

Chase people up on it, you shouldn't have to but it's better to get responses, most people will have just not noticed the invitation in a bag or put it aside to check their plans and forgotten, they won't mind a reminder.
Text anyone you have been in touch with about previous parties, just say something like "just checking you got the invitation to child's party, it's next weekend so please let me know if you can make it"

If you encounter others at nursery, or staff would be willing to remind people, then catch everyone else at nursery. Our old nursery was small and would have been happy to pass a message between parents, our current one I don't think would.

It is annoying though, hope you get enough people for it to be a good party

Probablygreen · 15/11/2019 22:12

Thanks, it’s a day nursery so I don’t see the other parents all that often. I don’t know whether staff would chase it up, I could ask them but I feel a bit bad about it, it’s not really their job is it?
This happened to DS last year but his birthday is just after Christmas so I assumed everyone was just busy, only one friend from nursery replied and turned up but it was ok as we had plenty of family children there instead, DS didn’t really notice as he lives in a world of his own anyway! But DD is really outgoing and sociable and very switched into to the fact it is going to be her birthday and was expecting a party before I even mentioned it, I just feel so sad for her! Family are spread all over the country and won’t be able to make it just for that day so we won’t even be able to pad out the numbers.
Think I’ll do what you suggested and reassess middle of next week then I might have to just cancel ☹️

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