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Is my mother being unreasonable?

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SheepGoesBaa · 15/11/2019 14:08

I live in Ireland and there's a housing crisis. Rents are through the rood and I would have to live like a recluse for over a decade to be able to afford a mortgage. I'm not the only person in this position. I live at home and I'm grateful for the rood that's over my head but sometimes it can come with its own challenges.

A few weeks ago, the flush on the toilet started to slow. The toilet wasn't flushing on the first or second or third go.

My brother is not a plumber but he had a look at it. A few days later we noticed a drip coming from the cistern from the handle side of the toilet. He decided to have another look at the toilet. Then my mother had a look at the toilet and into the cistern. Then the cistern started to flood more and then the toilet bowl started flooding. There was a constant flush every 5 minutes.

I got the recommendations of a plumber. My mother wanted me to phone him at 10 o clock on a Friday night. I told her it's not the time and I will leave it til morning. I rang on the Saturday morning and he came on the Saturday afternoon.

We were all very happy with his work.

Fast forward to today, about 13 days later and my mother found the cistern leaking again. Only a small drip.

I didn't even have breakfast this morning before my mother started barking at me to not phone that plumber again, she found a drip in the toilet and he didn't fix it and he's clearly a cowboy. She spoke to me as if it was my fault and as if I rang him the last time without any consolidation from her before that.

I think my mother is far too harsh with her criticism of the plumber. He came out and he helped us and he did fix the major leak. I don't have any knowledge of DIY or plumbing but I had a look at the toilet put didn't touch anything. From what I can see on the other side of the toilet, there are holes or plugged holes to put the toilet handle either side of the toilet. The leak is coming from there. That would tell me theres one of two things. A problem with a seal there or the cistern is filling too much and too high.

Do you think is my mother is being unreasonable?

She now wants me to find another plumber. Why can't she find one or my brother considering she doesn't trust my judgement. Was I unreasonable to walk away from her rant this morning and AIBU to not want to look for another plumber. She can't open the local paper and look for someone herself.

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pumpkinpie01 · 15/11/2019 14:40

You are not unreasonable, let her find the next one !


bridgetreilly · 15/11/2019 14:44

Mothers are always unreasonable, that is the rule.

But as to whether it will just be easier to find a plumber yourself or deal with her ongoing rant and nagging before she finally does it (plus, obviously the inconvenience of the leaking toilet), only you can say.


SheepGoesBaa · 15/11/2019 18:32

I don't want to find another plumber. A few weeks ago, the toilet was flooding the bathroom. I did the best I could getting a recommendation for a plumber and phoning him. My brother stayed in bed nursing a hangover all day. We were all happy with the plumbers work at the time and to be honest I am still happy with the work he did. Something has given up now since and there is a small drip down the side of the toilet. My mother spoke to me like dirt this morning as if I rang the plumber without any consolidation and pinning the blame on my back. My mother and brother know very little about plumbing and DIY but they will fidget and mess with the cistern no doubt and make a bad situation worse again while cursing the plumber even though he did his job at the time. I'm not bailing this shit out again.

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