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Finance as a Mature Student

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Throwawayteacher · 15/11/2019 10:00

I was so excited to get into my PGCE course but have found out I am unlikely to get any help.

My husband earns more than the £15,000 so we won't get a childcare bursary, so that's £1000 a month we need to find as his wages only leave us with £600 a month for food/childcare/misc. after essential bills.

They said on the student finance website they class my income and my husband's so I won't get any help there either.

I find it crazy as surely it's obvious I will be quitting work to be in full time teacher training? So why are we counting my income?

AIBU to think if I chose not to work after my son was born and my husband didn't work lots of hours we would be better off? (I notice quite a bit we end up worse off than people in my family who get government help for being 'low income')

Part of me thought about deferring until my son starts school to save childcare fees but I feel like he will need me more then and I don't want to be doing assignments as well as lesson planning, stopping him having a normal school experience.

The plan has always been part time once I qualify and I have already been told plenty of times once I qualify it will only get worse and I will never see my family again so no need to comment on that, I honestly hear it multiple times a day!

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halexanderamilton · 15/11/2019 10:05

I'd make a quick call to student finance England I think. You should definitely get something, including child care costs. Sounds like there's been a mistake in the box ticking on the application!

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