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To be utterly pissed off with the ASDA school uniform ads?

21 replies

LittleBellatrixLeBoot · 19/08/2007 18:31

A primary school-aged kid advising the nation's children how they can gain extra street cred in the playground?

Am I just turning into a reactionary old trout, or is this yet another instance of adult authority with children being undermined by big business and children having their childhoods taken away from them by international conglomerates because it's more profitable than allowing them to be children?

OP posts:

3andnomore · 19/08/2007 18:46

hm...can't say I know which add you are talking about, will keep my eyes open...


hippipotami · 19/08/2007 19:11

oh, I did not see it as that? I saw it as a tongue-in-cheek dig at uniform by children using their imagination to be more original and stand out from the crowd?

But maybe I am a bit dim


MerlinsBeard · 19/08/2007 19:14

DP and I worked it out as the ginger haired child (usually picked on) being the cool one at school.


harpsichordcarrier · 19/08/2007 19:15

i have a solution to this:
don't watch tv works for me.
although sometimes I watch the odd thing but only on the BBC where I don't have to be subjected to advertising


Biglips · 19/08/2007 19:17

he actually lives about 10 minutes away from me ....ive never met him but he was in our local newspaper.


LittleBellatrixLeBoot · 19/08/2007 19:23

Hmm I'd believe that if it were an older child hippi. But this is encouraging primary aged kids to worry about being cool.

OP posts:

NurseyJo · 19/08/2007 19:25

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

MerlinsBeard · 19/08/2007 19:25

really? is that what you think? i think its making wearing uniform more fun and comfortable too, i agree wuth his loosen top button thing!


DumbledoresGirl · 19/08/2007 19:29

Is this the ad where the little girl is sitting all ready and dressed on her bed waiting for the alarm to go off at 6 am? And all the children are shown running happily to school? If so, I quite like it, though I admit it is torture to my children to see it! (Maybe that is why I like it?)


LittleBellatrixLeBoot · 19/08/2007 19:29

I think if uniforms are uncomfortable, then there's something wrong with the uniform.

Everyday clothes for children, should be comfortable. And uniforms are everyday wear.

OP posts:

LittleBellatrixLeBoot · 19/08/2007 19:30

No I think that might be another one DG.

One I might approve of.

OP posts:

3andnomore · 19/08/2007 23:06

LBLB...tbh, personally I am really agaisnt shooluniforms, because I think they are not conductive in building a childs personality, and I was byt no means teh cool Kid in school or the pretty one or whatever....but grew up without schooluniforms , as I am german....
but I agree, young kids should not need to worry about being the cool kid...


Brunocat · 20/08/2007 18:07

I hate these adverts. I used to work at a school with ties and shirts and had to waste so much of my time telling kids to do up their top button, sort their tie out and to tuck their shirts in. It just caused loads of hassle. If kids go a school with a uniform code they should just grit their teeth and follow it. We don't need little brats trying to buck the system just because they don't like being told what to do. Same goes for parents - if you have chosen a school for your child you should support whatever policies they have. Teaching your child that they can do whatever they want just beacuse they don't like the rules doesn't help anyone.
Rant over!


harpsichordcarrier · 20/08/2007 18:18

or, if it is that much hassle, ditch the uniform?


lisad123 · 20/08/2007 18:27

I thought they were a bit of fun. We all know children dont like school uniform. I hated mine, and as soon as teachers back was turned, socks were rolled down, skirts up and shirts untucked. It happens, why denine it. Im mad at asda as i had gone though their little book with dd to choose school uniform and then they had barely any of it in stock or her size



3andnomore · 23/08/2007 20:12

well, I watched the one you are on about now, and honestly, it's about teh ginger Kid not being to impressed by red schooljumpers and trying to keep out of being bullied...tbh..this ad to me, just shows so well why schooluniforms are


fizzbuzz · 23/08/2007 20:24

Asda never ever have the size I want when I go. It happens too often to be a coincidence, they need to get their stock sorted before running adverts


3andnomore · 23/08/2007 20:28

lol, know that feeling...I mean, I can find all the sizes around the sizes I blardy need, and their are masses....but never the one I need...hmph...certainly did not realise I tend to have my Kids when the childbirth rates were high, lol!


Emprexia · 24/08/2007 23:17

Little Bellatrix.. i don't EVER remember any of my uniforms being comfortable.. i hated them with a passion.

and to the OP, YABU, its a bit of tongue in cheek fun, and the adverts are aimed at the parents, not the kids.


marymay · 24/08/2007 23:23

i love that ad


hippipotami · 25/08/2007 09:43

Right, have rewatched the ad, bearing all comments made here in mind. I still like the ad. I also like uniform. I went to schools in Holland, Germany and an American school in Germany. None have uniform. In all of them I was bullied remorselessly for not having trendy clothes (the American school being the worst for that)

I like the Asda ad. I do believe having uniform takes a lot of the bullying-for-clothes away. After all, if all it takes is to undo a top button to fit in then that is easy to do. Certainly easier than persuading your mum to buy you trendy clothes!

I still think it is tongue-in-cheek. I especially like the little boy with his sweatshirt wrapped around his head so he cannot see where he is going. To me, he is not doing that to keep from being bullied, he is doing that because he is a quirky individual, despite wearing a uniform.

But despite the (imo) fab ad, Asda uniform does appear hard to find in the right size. I have given up, and gone to M&S!

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