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Dog walkers

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Kingoftheroad · 14/11/2019 05:27

I was out for a walk today along a dedicated public walkway that runs along side a major river, near to where I live.

On turning a corner, I was surrounded by a pack of approx 12 dogs. Behind them followed, what I now know to be 3 dog walkers who meet up daily and walk together.

The dogs surrounded me, fortunately I am a dog lover and most of the dogs were smallish. They walkers could see that I was less than happy and attempted to tell me not to worry and that they were all friendly.

I ended up being quite abrupt with them, as none of the dogs were on leads, someone with a tiny dog on a lead was walking behind me, the wee thing was also surrounded and was cowering in fear.

The walkers got defensive when I told them that this was not on. I asked them what they would do if the pack ever turned on another dog, child or human as I have heard of pack attacks before.

This seems to be a regular occurrence. Does anyone else have any views on this.

OP posts:

BoxFox · 14/11/2019 05:32

Yes well, no doubt the Furbabies “just wanted to say hello”.

You did right, but whether anything sinks in is another matter. Could you let the council dog warden know - they might be able to get through to these stupid people.


FudgeBrownie2019 · 14/11/2019 05:35

My opinion is that since they didn't cause any harm or trouble I'd think nothing of it and hope that the dog owners are in enough control to ensure they never would. For some dogs running in a group is highly rewarding experience.

I walk with another dog owner and there are always groups of dog owners on our walks; the 'pack' haven't ever turned, ganged up or behaved badly. One of my dogs is a bouncer; he'll leap about the field with the other dogs for twenty minutes and I'm sure if someone nervous was watching they could feel overwhelmed seeing so many dogs bouncing around. I know hand on heart that I have him under control enough that if I needed to, I could get him to my heel within 3 seconds.

For a dog lover you're quite cross about some small dogs coming to say hello.


FudgeBrownie2019 · 14/11/2019 05:37

How were the owners stupid? Their dogs did nothing but say hello to OP - a self-proclaimed dog lover. Dogs come up and say hello to me when I'm walking mine; so long as they're not jumping up me or being aggressive I'd think no more of it.


Actionhasmagic · 14/11/2019 05:40

You’re not a dog lover from the sound of your post


Strugglingtodomybest · 14/11/2019 05:42

Well I'd love 12 small dogs to come and say hello to me, heaven. It sounds like they were under control so I'm not seeing the problem.

Don't worry though, the usual dog haters will be awake soon!


WatchingTheMoon · 14/11/2019 05:44

fudge I love dogs but I don't want 12 of them crowded around me at once.

The owners need to control them so they're not doing that.


Juanbablo · 14/11/2019 05:47

I wouldn't be happy. One of my children loves dogs, one is a little nervous and one is terrified. We are working to combat this and if we were confronted by 12 loose dogs it would undo all the work we've done and we would be back to square 1. It's irresponsible, as you have said, anything could happen and the dog walkers would have no control.


TheClaws · 14/11/2019 05:48

Unless the dogs are allowed to be off leash in that area, YANBU. You should be able to go for a walk without being surrounded by 12 unleashed dogs. Their size isn’t relevant.


Kingoftheroad · 14/11/2019 05:49

fudge brownie I did not and never would say anyone was stupid.

Some of the dogs did jump on me. Also, there was another walker with a wee scared dog, on a lead behind me that they also surrounded

OP posts:

Mummyoflittledragon · 14/11/2019 05:57

I am disabled. I was told by some prick basically that I shouldn’t be in a certain area and not expect to have big, boisterous, out of control dogs play around me. I was out with my dog on an very short walk (my dog doesn’t crowd people or jump up on them). No it is not ok to not keep your dogs under control.


Dcle · 14/11/2019 06:10

The basic rule is they should be under control, not jumping up at you or anyone. I absolutely hate the "oh don't worry they are just saying hello" comments when large dogs jumping at scared adults or children.


ChileConCarne · 14/11/2019 06:16

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

TheClaws · 14/11/2019 07:04

Chile that’s a vile stereotype to perpetuate, and untrue. Pack attacks can and do occur anywhere. That’s the nature of the species.


Booboostwo · 14/11/2019 07:18

Pack attacks are not a thing unless you’ve been brain washed by Cesar Milan or source your news in fear monger it media outlets.

Having said that, you have a point OP that the dogs should have been under better control. The dogs should not have been allowed to wander out of sight around a bend, nor to jump up on you, nor to approach people who may be scared of dogs or simply not like them. It is also bad manners to allow off lead dogs to approach an on lead dog.


QueenOfOversharing · 14/11/2019 07:29

@ChileConCarne This might have made you sound a little hysterical OP. Yes, in UK history there have been a couple of ‘pack attacks’. They almost exclusively take place inside a council house on a rough estate where some 42 year old nan has been babysitting her grandkids whilst smoking weed!

Hurry up, dear, your Daily Mail's not going to read itself, you bigoted cretin. I pity you not being able to think for yourself. Pathetic.


Cam77 · 14/11/2019 07:30

As with many hobbies/social activities, there needs to be give and take between those who practice them and the general public. I’d agree that with this particular hobby, the practitioners are often too assuming that everyone is on board and don’t show enough consideration for general public.


BossAssBitch · 14/11/2019 07:37

A dog lover you are not, OP Grin


WatchingTheMoon · 14/11/2019 07:44

"Pack attacks are not a thing"

So what was it when 6 pugs that all lived together all jumped on my dog (who was walking calmly past) at once?


Booboostwo · 14/11/2019 07:50

WatchingTheMoon what do you mean by pack attack? Most people conjure images of an organized attack with the purpose of killing or at least seriously debilitating the victim. Dogs just don’t operate like that or they would be quite unsuitable as domestic pets. Wolves have an organized method of hunting but it relates only to hunting for food, so doesn’t apply to domestic dogs. Very very rarely groups of feral dogs which become desperate for food may exhibit pack hunting behaviour, but this is very rare.


Thatsenoughjuststopit · 14/11/2019 07:53

I have a dog that I love dearly, but I too hate this.

It is a shared space for dog walkers, cyclists, runners, lone walkers of all ages, those with young kids ( who can also be unpredictable but friendly and harmless, especially if they're scootering or cycling), dog lovers and non dog lovers.

Allowing a dog or dogs to do this even if they are friendly can be a nuisance at best if the dogs arnt closely watched. I have been tripped up, had a dog bolt in front of my bike ( I did ring bell, let the owner know I was coming and slowed down etc) I've been covered in clarts by them, my kids have been knocked to the ground by them. These were all playful dogs and by no threatening at all, but the owners were always a bit entitled and defensive.

The space needs to be appropriate for dogs to play like that, unfortunately most places just don't accommodate dogs being allowed to truly run freely, which when they can be found it's brill to see your dog run like that with out worry that they will get in someones way.


Vulpine · 14/11/2019 07:54

Sounds annoying. Weird how many people have dogs that need dog walkers


Vulpine · 14/11/2019 07:56

When i see dog walkers all i can think is they cant possibly pick up all that crap


WatchingTheMoon · 14/11/2019 07:56

booboo I call it a pack of dogs attacking Hmm


Dontlikeoranges · 14/11/2019 07:59

I like dogs and I'm not scared of them one but bit I don't want to be surrounded by a load of them and certainly don't want to be jumped up on. Lots of people are nervous of dogs, or could be easily knocked over by then jumping up. I don't think it's on at all for that many to be loose.

I was out running the other day and slowed to a walk as I always do when I see a dog off leash but it still jumped up on me and snagged my new £40 running leggings all whilst the owner was shouting 'he's only being friendly'


misspiggy19 · 14/11/2019 07:59

You should be able to go for a walk without being surrounded by 12 unleashed dogs. Their size isn’t relevant.


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