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Caitlyn02 · 13/11/2019 23:30

Ladies I have a dilemma my sister in law seems to hate me and I've no idea why. So a bit of background I met my partner 7 years ago I already had 6 children & a good job own house etc fell pregnant very quickly with my son. Now the first time I met his family I was 4 months pregnant and it was at a Xmas party with ALL of his family at his parents house. My partner asked me not to discuss other kids untill we had told his parents I said fine, his brother asked me how many kids i had I panicked and said one never thought anything of it. Anyhow his parents were great when then found out have been great with the kids etc. My partner was never close to his family didn't go to his beithrrs wedding and his mum actually thanked me for giving her a relationship with her son back. The issue is his middle brother and his wife seem to hate me, his brother randomly deleted me off Facebook has made comments to my mother in law that my partner is stupid for being with me etc. Now the in-laws took my son up to theirs for the week I sent a nice message saying thanks etc he loved it and was ignored. My mother in law then told me how his brother doesn't like me cos I lied about how many kids I had and how he hates how much tax he pays for other people to have kids. Now I must point out i have a fabulously paid job a 5 bedroom house and outearn my partner. But he said to mil again that he's mad for being with me and other digs which I've let slide. Two weeks later i see his wife has deleted me off Facebook as friends you may know came up. I thought it was a mistake so messaged her and was blanked, asked mil apparently she doesn't know why and now last week she's deleted me off Instagram. I have always sent gifts & cards for their son, sent them a housewarming gift. To be told that apparently I buy so many clothes for their son as I'll get them back for mine (apparently mil said this was said in jest). I'm at a loss what to do?

OP posts:

1Morewineplease · 14/11/2019 00:15

Not sure what to say, but you did lie. You should have told your partner that you would not lie. Yes, he asked you to , but I think you’re now paying the price. Your partner needs to explain to his family that you lied because he asked you to. To say one when you had six is rather silly.
Would you ordinarily deny five of your children?


jenny781 · 14/11/2019 00:51

I don't think lying gives the right for his brother to hate on you. It should've been quickly cleared up when you told his parents you have six children, you should've apologised to the brother 'sorry I panicked when you asked me as we weren't going to mention anything without having spoken with your parents first.'
That being said. It's petty that he's hating on you for that reason. Quite frankly I think he and his wife are jealous of you, you work, your a Homeowner, he is thinking it was all given to you as oppose to working for it which is why he mentions he's paying tax for others to have children.

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