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Child with d and v bug

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Joerev · 13/11/2019 11:03

I’m having chemotherapy. I also suffer with something called Addison’s disease. A sickness bug can kill me within 24 hrs. I’ve got my mask on. I’ve got my gloves on. I’m away from said child (which I hate by the way). But AIBU to ask people whose kids are sick to stay home!!!!

If I get this. Not know I’ve picked this up. I could spread all around the hospital. Fortunately I don’t have to go till next week. Though if I get sick I’ll be in there quicker in isolation or ICU. Hopefully manage to stay away from resus.....

Why?!? Why do people do it

What do you do to keep a sickness bug from not spreading? My mother in law has countless times had my kids thrown up on her from sickness bugs. And never ever caught it. How does this happen?

I realise my immune system is Down right now. It just makes me so sad to think of how unwell It can make others.

OP posts:
Allthecake89 · 13/11/2019 13:38

Exactly. Children need to recover from sickness bugs. They can wipe you out for a few days energy wise. Last thing you want is to be in a sweaty classroom feeling weak and sleepy still. My DD used to get them from the playgroup we attended. She had four in 9 months! I stopped taking her and none until she went to nursery. There's really no need for stomach bugs to be spreading in play groups if people used their brains x

Phoebesfleas · 13/11/2019 16:50

Check out the Sterizar range of cleaning products op, they kill Norovirus and all manner of nasties and leave a protective film on surfaces which lasts up to 30 days, the hand foam leaves a barrier that kills germs for up to 6 hours. My MiL used the whole range when she was having chemo for breast cancer. I hope you stay well op and avoid the lurgy.

Ninurta · 13/11/2019 18:40

YANBU - SIL is guilty of this. Just last month nephew was ill the day before and on the day of his birthday party but SIL wouldn't cancel. He had to be taken home from the party early and inevitably some of the 20 or so kids there would have taken home more than just a party bag and gone into school the following day.

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