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Election Sign attached to gate, permission was not granted!

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pawsies · 12/11/2019 23:36

I've never encountered this before. I assumed people voluntarily put these signs up to show their support for a party.

My mum came back to her house tonight to discover one was attached to her gate.

Did a councillor put it there?
Do they decide to do this to random properties?
Or is it someone else?

It's very weird! My mum has contacted the party to ask for an explanation. No response yet.

I'm curious if it's happened to anyone else and whether we are being unreasonable.

The sign has been taken down meanwhile.

OP posts:

WagtailRobin · 12/11/2019 23:38

I would just remove and bin it, I wouldn't go to the hassle of phoning etc.


DarklyDreamingDexter · 12/11/2019 23:39

Was it a put there by mistake? Intended for a neighbour’s house maybe?


CuriousaboutSamphire · 12/11/2019 23:39

It will have been a mistake - one they should quickly apologise for!

There are definite rules about the placement of such signs... popping them wherever you like is absolutely not allowed.


Georgina678 · 12/11/2019 23:39

I think it's probably a mistake.

I used to be quite involved in the Lib Dems, and when we were canvassing, we noted down the addresses of people who said they were willing to have a stakeboard in their front garden. We would then go round and install it a few days later.

I think it's most likely that whoever was tasked with delivering signs to supporters' houses misread the house numbers, or something similar.


DontCallMeShitley · 13/11/2019 00:02

Illegal flyposting.

I would take a photo of it in situ and send the bastards a bill for the use of my gate


WorraLiberty · 13/11/2019 00:07

Probably a mistake


littlehappyhippo · 13/11/2019 00:12

I'd pull it down.

Even if it was the party I supported I would not want it there. No-one needs to know who I am voting for. It's called a secret ballot for a reason!


MrsToothyBitch · 13/11/2019 00:41

Take it down! Even if it was a party I planned to vote for, I wouldn't want it there without my permission.

If your mum lives near a student area it might get removed anyway. When I was at uni there was a sizeable UKIP following amongst the locals & we used to like nicking the local election signs of a night as a party game.


JacksonPillock · 13/11/2019 01:23

I would assume a mistake or just annonying flyering, take it down and get on with my life. No need to make a big drama about it.


AutumnCrow · 13/11/2019 01:30

I'd be tempted to send the candidate a bill for signage space rental for just in excess of their allowable election expenses, cc'd to the opposition candidates.


recrudesence · 13/11/2019 06:34

Most likely a mistake. I wouldn’t waste my time doing anything more than removing and binning it.


shearwater · 13/11/2019 06:35

Take it down, throw on fire, job done.


RosieLancs · 13/11/2019 08:15

Blimey there are some right drama queens replying on here.
OP, it's obviously been done as an administrative error.
Do you have Facebook? Look up the local party page and messaging on there might get it to the right person quicker.

These things are never put up without permission, someone made a mistake writing something down somewhere, no need to start smashing things or starting fires like others have suggested.
These things are usually in short supply so the party will be glad to finally me and pick it up.


ChazsBrilliantAttitude · 13/11/2019 09:03

I think the most likely explanation is someone got the house number street name wrong. We have couple of streets near where I live where one side of a junction will be something like North Avenue and the other side North Street. It’s easy to mix them up.


AutumnCrow · 13/11/2019 09:17

They attract vandalism where I live, often from 'volunteers' with opposing parties. It's pathetic. A friend of mine got his car covered in food and his window broken. We heard rumblings about who did it because they were boasting about the supposed hilarity of it.

So keep it out of sight till they collect it.


StrictlyNameChangin · 13/11/2019 09:20

If it was for a party I disliked I'd find some way to humorously vandalise it only I wouldn't, I'd just take it down


AutumnCrow · 13/11/2019 10:15

Oh yeah, like 'Lib Dems winning dogging here' or 'Vote Conservative you twats'

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