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To suddenly break up

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nc360 · 12/11/2019 00:10

I tried to find the relationships board. Couldn't find it so here I am. I don't know what to do, me and DP are together, not married, 2 kids....were pretending. We had a row last week and haven't spoken much since. I wonder if we are just very different people really at this point. I'm absolutely sure I love him more than he loves me, I don't think he can stand me in all honesty.

OP posts:

nc360 · 12/11/2019 00:12

He won't talk to me. Even about the kids
activities, nothing

OP posts:

Icanflyhigh · 12/11/2019 00:15

It doesn't sound like a very happy atmosphere right now.

What makes you think you're more invested than he is?

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