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The best friend I ever had

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Butterfly98 · 11/11/2019 21:47

I received a thank you card in the post today from a friend I've known 10 years who wrote in it that I am the best friend she's ever had! I helped her out with a few things in recent months but I don't think I deserve this accolade! TBH, I was a bit fed up yesterday about feeling a bit used and unappreciated by certain people so this card really cheered me up! AIBU to feel a bit like a fraud because I don't think I did anything extraordinarily special to make a huge difference to her life's difficulties? Nobody has ever been so candid in a thank you card to me before!

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MumW · 11/11/2019 22:19

It doesn't matter how small you think whatever it is was, it meant a huge deal to your friend so no need to feel a fraud.

LazyDaisey · 11/11/2019 22:22

Er, I’m reading a lot of conflicting messages. You’re gushing, you’re a pushover, nobody appreciates you, oh you don’t deserve it... Grin. What’s going on, OP?

Butterfly98 · 11/11/2019 22:37

@LazyDaisey what I meant was big gestures that I did for some close people where I really had to bend over backwards for them to fit in with my own life weren't even acknowledged or mentioned again but small things for this friend were thanked with a thoughtful card! I don't begrudge helping them or anything but a one line text would have been nice that's all!

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PixieDustt · 11/11/2019 22:39

Oh how lovely.
It's nice she appreciates the little things!
I once had a 'friend' who I picked up from Heathrow at 3am in the morning because she couldn't get back I got a 'ta' when she got out. That was it.

PixieDustt · 11/11/2019 22:40

To add its 2hrs away! So I did 4hrs for a bloody 'ta'

Andysbestadventure · 11/11/2019 22:41

Sometimes it's the little things that matter most. The other day a friend made me a cup of tea and said he was going to cook dinner for me and I pretty much burst in to tears. It made me realise how long it has been since anyone, even my DH, has gone out of their way to do something nice just for me.

Butterfly98 · 11/11/2019 22:45

@PixieDustt a 4 hr drive for a ta! Some people have no manners or maybe they're just clueless as to how they should conduct themselves!

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PixieDustt · 11/11/2019 22:48

@Butterfly98 I know! I was so peed off and tired! 😂 least you're have a lovely friend!

Butterfly98 · 11/11/2019 22:58

@Andysbestadventure aw that's sweet that your friend is going to cook you dinner. I know what you mean though, as when you get used to doing everything yourself it's a bit of a shock when someone offers to do something nice for you!

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