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If anyone has had a Dyson v11 for a while, do you still love it?

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Liz79 · 11/11/2019 12:44

Dyson v11 tops ALL the review websites, including which? However many people, including on mumsnet, say don't buy it. Get a shark instead. Why? Shark doesn't do as well in tests/reviews. I'm not interested in Mr Dyson's politics, I just want a good vac. I borrowed my friends shark duoclean flexology stick and didn't rate it. The dust chamber is awkward and difficult to remove and needs emptying regularly. It wasn't ergonomic on the stairs. Heavy on your arm on carpet. Had a good play with a v11 in Currys and it is much lighter and easier to use. The parts click on and off easier too. If you got a v11 a while ago, do you still like it?

OP posts:

ArfArfBarf · 11/11/2019 12:49

I’ve had a v11 for about 6 months and actually am still happy with my years old V8 too! Whichever you get you need to make sure you get the “fluffy” head with it if you want to pick up anything bigger than dust/crumbs. I think this is the source of a lot of people’s complaints.


Emmapeeler1 · 11/11/2019 12:51

I have what I think is a v7 and I LOVE it. It cost about £200.


GrumpyHoonMain · 11/11/2019 12:55

I have had the V11 for 6 months and it has replaced my normal vacuum. Love it. Need to be careful with MN posters as I’m convinced Shark employees do try to misrepresent some of the discussions when Dysons (or Mieles) are mentioned. In RL nobody I know would ever prefer a Shark.

I do know dog / cat owners who prefer a miele as it removes fur a bit better from wood floors but you’d need a lot of it for any measurable difference in quality.


MustardScreams · 11/11/2019 12:56

I have the v10 absolute and it is honestly amazing. I’d never use any other vac now. As pp mentioned - make sure you get the fluffy head.


Liz79 · 11/11/2019 13:08

Thanks guys. Think I'm going to get the v11 absolute which comes with fluffy head and the torque drive auto sensor thing. Question now is do I wait until black friday and see if it's further reduced, or get it now while it's £100 off. Woman in Currys said it's unlikely to go down further and they might pull the £100 off 😲

OP posts:

GrumpyHoonMain · 11/11/2019 13:51

Yes black friday tends to focus on older models. You could still buy it now and then return it and buy again when it’s on offer. I did this on another product a while ago.


wizzywizzed · 11/11/2019 13:58

I got the Dyson v11 absolute at the weekend and you want to see the dirt that came out of my living room rug - that I vacuum every day!!! 🥵 There is no denying it is a serious piece of kit


PrincessHoneysuckle · 11/11/2019 13:59

I love my v11


PrincessHoneysuckle · 11/11/2019 14:00

@wizzywizzed I've got the absolute too.The amount it sucks up is amazing


Xiddling · 11/11/2019 14:05

I have one and don’t love it. When it works well, it’s great, but the filter blocks up constantly. I hoover every day, and have to empty the canister every few minutes (eg twice just doing the sitting room), otherwise the filter blocks. When it does block, I waste so much time, getting dust everywhere, trying to unblock it before it works again. It does my head in and I wouldn’t buy another.


Xiddling · 11/11/2019 14:07

I think a lot of people review when they first buy it - it’s fab at first. But they don’t seem to pass the test of time and for the cost, that’s something to bear in mind. I’ve never had a shark so I can’t compare, but although at first I would have recommended the v11, I certainly wouldn’t now.


Sallyseagull · 11/11/2019 14:08

I hated mine!! Its ok on wooden flooring but then doing any carpet is just rubbish.


easyandy101 · 11/11/2019 14:12

Only slightly related but my opinion of them changed massively when i broke one of their battery packs down for salvage

Best batteries I've ever used, construction on the battery pack was second to none

I have a miele though for home


easyandy101 · 11/11/2019 14:13

The only reason i got that battery pack was because it had packed up and ceased working within 3 months



Expressedways · 11/11/2019 14:23

We have the v11 animal and couldn’t be happier with it. We do have a weekly cleaner and a small flat so it’s only used for mid-week wiz rounds but it’s perfect for what we need it for.


Notwiththeseknees · 11/11/2019 16:11

V11 Absolute. Absolutely love it to bits. I finally coughed up for it in a post-op drug induced haze in John Lewis. My poor Henry hasn't been out of the understairs cupboard now for over three months Grin


emzey · 11/11/2019 16:19

I bought a shark, believing the hype. Oh I was so wrong! Absolutely crap, we should've got back to the company as it lasted just 9 months before it completely broke. Unfortunately with lifes difficulties at the time we never got round to it. Waste of money. I'm looking at the v11 now as well so I'll be interested to see these posts!


Vanillaradio · 11/11/2019 16:24

We have had a v11 absolute for a few months now. I love it. So easy to use, cleans really well and the carpets have never looked so fluffy! It does need emptying pretty frequently but quick and easy to do this.


CuriousaboutSamphire · 11/11/2019 16:27

Love mine. Didn't like the hand feel of the Shark, it was rattly in comparison.

It goes from rough slate to carpet no problem, picks up shirt dog hairs and does one floor and the stairs of the house on one charge. So we do upstairs in bits and do downstairs in one blitz - usually when one of us has taken the dog for a walk, as he hates it!


Chocolate1984 · 11/11/2019 16:29

I bought my Dyson from Dyson and they matched the offer price in John Lewis, £25 off and extra free tools. It was delivered possibly the next day or day after. They might also have added an extra years guarantee but I can’t remember.


cookiemonster5 · 11/11/2019 17:51

I got the V10 absolute a year ago and it's amazing. When we had to stay with the in-laws for a month waiting for our house to be ready I took it with me to use there because their normal corded Dyson was way too heavy and bulky and I couldn't deal with it. I take it to my grandfathers to clean his house for him too and even he is amazed by it.


FudgeBrownie2019 · 11/11/2019 17:53

I bought a Shark last year and hate it. It lives in the spare room and gets used once every few months or so when I can be bothered to get it out, the rest of the time the Dyson is king.

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