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To wonder why we're so obsessed with retailers closing down?

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ConfessionsOfTeenageDramaQueen · 10/11/2019 21:50

This is a bit of a devil's advocate question because, tbh, I'm still not over Woolworths closing down. BUT I think the fact that a lot of retailers are shutting is as much a symptom of how people are spending their money as it is where people are spending their money.

So yes, while some may be going on Amazon instead of visiting their local high street, I think a lot of people are simply buying less stuff overall because of an awareness of the environmental impact, smaller homes, minimalism movements such as Marie Kondo and a desire to spend money on experiences instead of objects (aka show off on Instagram).

And (aside from the job losses obviously) people buying less stuff is a good thing, no?

OP posts:

LolaSmiles · 10/11/2019 22:08

You're probably right.

I think attitudes have started to change in places, but that creates a big gap in the midrange sector for shops.

For example, people who have enough disposable income will probably now be focusing on fewer things of better quality, but for those at the financially tighter end of things they are having to get what they can on a smaller disposable income so will buy cheaper but more often. This means the middle end shops end up losing custom because they're not quite good enough quality for those seeking quality, but they're too expensive for those on a tight budget.

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