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Is this really crappy? Go fund me question

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thisisme2468 · 10/11/2019 21:32

I compete in a Paralympic sport. Recently started at para level but I’ve done the sport for 25+ years.

I’ve qualified for a national championship early next year.

As I’m just starting out I have no sponsors (how do you even get them!!) and being disabled with a full time carer spouse not a lot of money.

I was thinking about doing a go fund me page to get me to these championships as it’s going to cost around £2k but I don’t know if it’s too grabby. I’m really scared to put myself out there and wish I could fund it myself!

So AIBU / a CF to try and fundraise this?

OP posts:

Am I being unreasonable?


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bestbefore · 11/11/2019 09:30

Yes I was going to say grant application is worth looking into...there's loads out there. Eg

katmarie · 11/11/2019 09:37

It's worth talking to other athletes about how they raise funds as well, search them out online and reach out for advice. Try local businesses, particularly riding schools in your case, maybe you can do a reciprocal arrangement where you do some demos/classes for young/disabled riders in exchange for support?

ChazsBrilliantAttitude · 11/11/2019 09:45

My DS’s school has a Paralympian former pupil. He has had fund raising pages, the school have also run fund raising events.

You do have get out there and sell yourself a bit unfortunately until you get to a point where you might qualify for more official funding.

Disfordarkchocolate · 11/11/2019 09:50

Go for it. Have you tried to get in your local paper, we get this sort of thing in our local paper all the time.

Littlemissdaredevil · 11/11/2019 10:10

I don’t think it grabby at all

buttermilkwaffles · 11/11/2019 10:13

I think it's fine / YANBU, but why does almost everyone use gofundme (an American corporation) who take nearly £1 in every £10 donated in fees and bank charges.

There are other fundraising sites who charge a lot less (so more of the money donated actually goes to the cause) including UK ones, where at least the taxes paid on the profits they make are paid in the UK (and are therefore contributing towards the cost of the NHS etc, rather than being paid in the US).

krustykittens · 11/11/2019 10:33

OP, would the RDA not help you, at least in terms of a volunteer to groom for you and transport?

Floralnomad · 11/11/2019 10:38

I’d approach local saddlery shops and see if any of them would help you out , also horse transport firms . How do you look after your horse at the moment ? I will say that I doubt a go fund me for dressage will attract that many donors , because rightly or wrongly people will assume that you have a certain level of wealth to be keeping horses in the first place .

WhentheRabbitsWentWild · 11/11/2019 10:44

Nopen not grabby


AnchorDownDeepBreath · 11/11/2019 10:46

It's not cheeky, but you'll be relying on friends and friends of friends to donate mostly - on average strangers donate less than 8% of a GoFundMe, unless its lucky enough to get national press or celebrity backing.

why does almost everyone use gofundme

GoFundMe used to be the safest by far, in terms of getting your money back if the cause turned out to be a scam or the trip didn't go ahead of whatever. That's how they got away with charging more than similar sites, which take less of the proceeds but also offer less security to donors. I'm honestly not sure if the other sites have adopted the same security level, but I'd imagine it's GoFundMes reputation that keeps them out in front if they are all similar now.

thisisme2468 · 11/11/2019 12:08

@beingchampion it’s myerscough college, Preston in Feb for the para winters. I’m in Herts. Hubby is totally non horsey plus we have two kids, one being disabled so it’s a juggle. Horse lives out with groom care, luckily he’s low maintenance. I’m hoping to get onto the pathway (lottery funded) next summer. I’m also applying for sponsorship and other funding but they are unlikely to happen before February.

OP posts:
thisisme2468 · 11/11/2019 12:09

@bestbefore I’m too old for a lot of the funding opportunities Blush

OP posts:
maxelly · 11/11/2019 12:26

As others have said, go for it, so long as you aren't going to aggressively hassle people for sponsorship then I can't see the harm, like others I have seen much cheekier GoFundMe pages! Local equestrian businesses may be prepared to sponsor you in exchange for some publicity if you can secure an interview in the local paper or similar?

Have you thought about seeing if there is anyone else going from your vague area to the same championships - if you are able to share a lift or transport it will likely be a lot cheaper than paying a private transporter? Even if you have to go halves on a self-drive hire that would be cheaper I think (assuming they have someone who can drive of course). Maybe put the word out on local horsey FB groups etc? Also would it be worth seeing if you could get a keen local teen/student to volunteer to come and act as groom, I know they might not be 'competition' standard for turnout but they could muck out etc., and again if you split their accommodation costs with a travelling companion it would probably work out quite reasonably?

BoomyBooms · 11/11/2019 12:37

Getting to the Paralympics is a huge achievement and worth recruiting funding for!

Try community based stuff- is there a local pub that would get behind you and help fundraise or host an event? Or a local business that would sponsor you? Try a big national business, they often have a social responsibility policy where they are fund local good causes, and they might love the PR of sponsoring a local Paralympian!

I'd also advise getting in touch with your local council public health or sports and leisure team as they often do a lot to help local athletes. I've known of free coaching and gym access for training but they could also potentially help you find sponsorship too.

Good luck!

KnickersandGnomes · 11/11/2019 15:28

There are some brilliant suggestions on this thread.

I would also suggest approaching your local Pony Club, riding clubs and your nearest equestrian college.

Wishing you the very best of luck OP Smile.

thisisme2468 · 11/11/2019 16:14

Thanks all! Productive day. Shared go fund me on Facebook and had a couple of donations from friends already. Also sent an email to a local publication which is delivered for free to local homes and they are going to run an article. Emailed our local councillor as he has a local budget and also asked if he knew of any other funding. And getting some sponsorship letters out tonight too. Got everything crossed!! Thank you for all the tips and ideas!

OP posts:
britnay · 11/11/2019 16:27

PM me a link and I could put it up on local horsey facebook if you'd like :) x

silencebeforethebleeps · 11/11/2019 16:58

Not grabby. An acquaintance of mine set up a fundraising page for books because he likes to read and wants others to fund his hobby - that's grabby.

SunnyCoco · 11/11/2019 19:56

@silencebeforethebleeps that's so funny! Did anybody suggest joining the library?!

Holidaycountdown · 11/11/2019 21:14

Get in touch with Penniwells RDA in Elstree (Herts) they may be able to help with man power, and may also be able to put you in touch with others in a similar situation...Michael Murphy and Mari Ackhurst have ties to them and their Head Coach Sarah is fantastic, just been awarded RDA coach of the year, they should at the very least be able to offer some advice if no practical help. Good luck!!

MidniteScribbler · 11/11/2019 22:34

Sorry, but I wouldn't donate to it. I have a complete aversion to anything GoFundMe related, and I certainly wouldn't be donating to fund someone's hobby.

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