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that the kids summerclothes that i bought this year have not been worn

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hermykne · 18/08/2007 18:23

and they werent cheap and i am quite annoyed as i think they ll be too big next for them.

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Pixiefish · 18/08/2007 18:25

dd has a pile of t shirts in her drawers that still have the flippin tags on them- trousers she's only worn twice- it's mad.

Only hope we have an Indian summer come September


hermykne · 18/08/2007 18:26

yes i am hoping for the indian summer too

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hermykne · 18/08/2007 18:26

maybe you can get a credit for the stuff with tags!!!

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Charlie999 · 18/08/2007 18:26

No, YANBU - I'm the same - blardy weather . I had DD 11 weeks ago and was given some really lovely clothes for her - some of which she just isn't going to get to wear. The stuff with labels on (M&S, John Lewis etc) I've taken back and exchanged for 9-12months.

Can always sell on e-bay


WinkyWinkola · 18/08/2007 18:28

Oooh, I know. I had my DD in April and she got loads of lovley summer frocks as birth gifts. She's worn three of them and is rapidly growing out of the rest. Guess I'll just have to have another spring baby girl!


Pixiefish · 18/08/2007 18:33

hermykne- i don't have the receipts and bought it eons ago. I'd rather give it away than let them have it back for what they sell it in the sales for- which is all I'll get for it now


sugarmatches · 18/08/2007 18:40

Bought a pair of freaking £40 Lelli Kelly sandals that have been worn four times!!!


eandh · 18/08/2007 18:44

yanbu - dd1 had loads of sumemr dresses etc am glad that i have dd2 who may get some wear out of them.

However bought dd2 quite alot of new summer stuff as dd1 and 2 are different seasons (dd1 a sept baby dd2 a jan baby) and it seems I'll be selling/giving away lots of almost new 3-6 and 6-9 month stuff


Nbg · 18/08/2007 18:44

If they still have the tags on, stick them on ebay.


Smithagain · 18/08/2007 18:45

Me too. I was sooooo proud of how organised I was when I bought all those little vest tops. Maybe I can persuade DD that they are actually vests


evenhope · 18/08/2007 18:46

Me too. DD has loads of 3-6 months summer clothes she has either not worn or worn once. I did expect that a March born baby would get sufficient wear out of summer things between June and September

As you say not worth taking them back either


GodzillasBumcheek · 18/08/2007 19:27

I had the same problem with my dds...i wonder if we'll have a heatwave in December and we'll never use all those thermal undies i bought either


lanismum · 18/08/2007 20:28

Feel your pain, dd1 2.5 and dd2 18 weeks both have piles of dresses, shorts and tops, dd2 especially has grown out of most of hers, dd1 will have by the time its hot enough next year
oh well, at least dd2 will get some use out of her sisters stuff


Pruners · 18/08/2007 20:30

Message withdrawn


PestoMonster · 18/08/2007 20:35

Well, I'm packing all our Summer stuff at the momement for our holiday now and I'm quite relieved the weather's duff, so that we don't want to wear the stuff that I want to pack...

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