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To be really annoyed that my DD has started calling me *Kyala*!!!!!

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kyala · 10/08/2007 13:55

She's started this a couple of days ago and I ignore her until she calls me mummy, but that's not working now and she follows me round shouting at me "Kyala Kyala"
It's getting to the point where I'm telling her "NO" and she finds that a reason to say it louder :P

She's doing it right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone else had this problem? What should I do?

OP posts:

filchthemildmanneredjanitor · 10/08/2007 13:56

my kids call me by my name-i don't thinkit's a problem-it *is8 my name after all!
just ignore it if you don't like it-they'll soon get bored.


Oblomov · 10/08/2007 14:03

Ds occassionally calls me "rachy". Which is what dh calls me. How can I object. It is dh who says, " to you, she is mummy".
As it is occassional, I don't mind.


AngharadGoldenhand · 10/08/2007 14:06

Carry on ignoring it. Don't respond to it, even to say no.

She will get bored of it.


HonoriaGlossop · 10/08/2007 18:41

I don't know why it's a problem?

I think it's a phase with lots of kids. My ds does it at the moment, calls be by my name quite often.

He knows i'm his mum. It doesn't mean anything.

Sounds like she is doing it because she's getting a reaction from you!


HonoriaGlossop · 10/08/2007 18:42

so, meant to say, yes, YABU.


hermykne · 10/08/2007 18:44

oh kyala my kids have been calling me by my name since they could say it. generally i dont even notice but other people do or kids.

i think when school starts i ll be "mammy" all the time


kyala · 13/08/2007 22:29

Ah you're right, I am BU, it's these darn hormones
sniff my beebee is growing up sniff

Ok, time to get a grip

OP posts:

Miaou · 13/08/2007 22:34

Ds1 calls me "daddy"


RubberDuck · 13/08/2007 22:34

Both dses try it from time to time, we just give the boring response of "that's mummy to you" or "that's daddy to you" every time and then ignoring their request until they use the correct name. They give up after a while


kyala · 13/08/2007 22:54

LOL @ miaou, that's brilliant.
Might try giving a completely confusing response, as "that's mummy to you" doesn't seem to do anything but fuel her stubbornness.

Any ideas?
Maybe "what's that up there?" LOL

OP posts:

hertsnessex · 13/08/2007 22:58

my boys went through a stage of calling me by my name or 'darling' or 'hun' like dh does - it creased me up!


McEdam · 13/08/2007 23:00

I sympathise - ds tries this sometimes and I really don't like it. I say 'that's Mummy to you' and, if he persists, say 'You are the only person in the whole wide world who can call me Mummy. Everyone else calls me so I'd like it if you would carry on calling me Mummy, please'. Seems to work.

Or, if I can't be bothered, I just respond by calling him a silly name. 'Yes, Cuthbert-Archibald, what can I do for you today?'. Makes him laugh and get the point across.


McEdam · 13/08/2007 23:00

Apologies to any mothers of Cuthbert-Archibalds, obv.


Carbonel · 13/08/2007 23:22

My dd went through a simialr phase but as I do not mind I have never reacted and she has gone back to calling me Mummy again.

Reminds me of my brother's dd (2) - he was speaking to his wife and said 'are you OK honey' just as his dd walked into the room, and she promptly answered 'yes thank you Daddy'. We were in stitches and called her 'honey' all day!!


itwasntme · 13/08/2007 23:27

DD (3) sometimes does this.. tbh, it makes me laugh hearing her calling me by my name.. I really don't see the problem.

She always goes back to calling me Mummy.

This week though she's been calling me "darling"


messydrawers · 14/08/2007 08:11

Really don't understand why it's such a big deal! "That's Mummy to you"?? What the hell is that about? It's not like they are going to forget who you are!

I called my parents by their names by choice and it certainly makes things easier now (I work with my mother and don't have to call her "mummy" in front of our clients!


messydrawers · 14/08/2007 08:16

My dd is only 6 months and already everyone is terrified she is going to call me and dh by our first names. It's like they think anarchy or rampant hippyism will break out! I don't mind what she calls me, it's up to her really, but don't forget, children only call their parents mummy and daddy because they have been told to, it doesn't occur by magic!


LoveMyGirls · 14/08/2007 08:18

dd1 went thru this phase and now dd2 is doing it, i dont mind think its cute but dp tells her to call me mummy and tickles her!


moljam · 14/08/2007 08:20

my dd used to call me by my name-she sounded so cute!


growingbagpuss · 14/08/2007 08:20

Its a phase - she's realising that you mean something to someone else, you are not just "Mummy" - my DS does it to both of us and he has learnt to add extra emphasis, and swap our names round, and he knows I call my Mum "Mumbles" so he calles her "grumbles" because it gets a great reaction!!

She'll grow out of it.... my DS now goes round asking if people have boobies or willies... which is FAR more embarrassing!!


FlameBatfink · 14/08/2007 08:22

DD calls me my name to get my attention . I suddenly become aware that I have been ignoring "Mummy... MUMMY... MUMMY...MUMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY" when my name is said

I do think that the "mum" type naming helps give the structure in the parent/child set up - like calling teachers Mr/Mrs tends to generate more respect than the "Call me Dave" ones.


FlameBatfink · 14/08/2007 08:25

Oh fwiw - it feels much worse when they call someone else Mummy.

When DD was teeny I spent a lot of time at Psychomum's house - 5 children calling one woman "Mummy" and the other woman "Flame"... DD caught on! Then after a bit she morphed into one of us was Mummeeeeee and the other Mummay - and now I am Mummy


mummyhill · 14/08/2007 08:34

YABU Sorry but they all do it after all they hear everyone else call you by your name not your title so it would seem natural to call you the same thing everyone else does until you use McEdams phrase 'You are the only person in the whole wide world who can call me Mummy. Everyone else calls me so I'd like it if you would carry on calling me Mummy, please'. Unfortunatly you may have to repeat yourself quite a lot but such is the nature of children.

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