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To be annnoyed by sister telling my dd she needs her eyebrows plucking?!

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unicorn · 10/08/2007 13:05

Have issues with my sister anyway... and was slightly worried about her taking my kids out for a day (see earlier thread)
Anyway she ended up taking my 8 year old dd out for the day - who got spoilt rotten by all accounts.... but today my dd tells me that she
'hates her eyebrows and needs them plucking'

I immediately said did Aunty say something... and of course the answer was yes.

How dare she give my child hangups, I am furious.

OP posts:

pagwatch · 10/08/2007 13:08

I actually don't have a problem with relatives spoiling my kids but I would be absoloutely furious if anyone took it upon themselves to explain to my daughter that she had a 'fault'.
What are you going to do?


littlelapin · 10/08/2007 13:08

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

brimfull · 10/08/2007 13:16

my mum had told my dd repeatedly over the years that she will probably need a nose job when she's older.
She says it very jokingly,but I hate it and have said so.
Dd is now 15,beautiful ,with lovely nose,but she has always said she hates it because it has a tiny bump on it.



Oblomov · 10/08/2007 13:16

YANBU. This is terrible. What was your sister thinking, saying this to an 8 yr old ?


beansprout · 10/08/2007 13:17

Oh I think it is vile to start criticising the appearance of an 8yo girl, esp give the general pressures they are under these days. How DARE she?!!


WanderingTrolley · 10/08/2007 13:18

Tell your dd you have showed all your internet friends her picture and everyone has said her eyebrows are perfect and she's a very pretty girl.

Tell your sis to go shave her own forehead.


littlelapin · 10/08/2007 13:21

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

unicorn · 10/08/2007 17:14

my sister has no kids, and many, many hangups about her own appearance - (and others) She spends a fortune on herself, and has had lots of cosmetic surgery
I had a feeling she wouldn't be able to contain her comments(this was not done in front of me btw)
I have big problems with her anyway (bit of an older sibling/ lack of respect for me thing)
She treats my dd as her little friend - has no real idea about kids.
She will undoubtedly get affronted if I say something to her - so plan to email asking her to refrain from commenting about my 8 year old's appearance as it really isn't a good move.

OP posts:

fiddlemama · 10/08/2007 17:28

Good for you!!! Let them be little for as long as possible I say!! Giving her hangups about her appearance at the age of 8 for goodness sake!


HonoriaGlossop · 10/08/2007 17:50

I wouldn't give her sole charge of the kids again if this was me.

Self esteem and self worth and having a healthy attitude to appearance, is SO important, particularly for girls. And it's so hard to foster this. Yet it's easy to completely erase it with just a few comments. I think it's that important, that I would only see this sister as a family where you can be present pretty much all the time.


unicorn · 10/08/2007 21:20

quick update.. she has apologised (email) said she wasn't thinking...

OP posts:

paulaplumpbottom · 10/08/2007 21:20

8 is way to young


expatinscotland · 10/08/2007 21:22

She's EIGHT!


I am actually a bit worried about a very dark mole DD1's always had on her foot - so today I asked her if I could examine it, and mentioned to DH, maybe I should take her in to see if it needs removed (I'm monitoring it to see if it's growing).

And she pulled her long foot away and said, 'I like my mole! It's lovely!'


Spidermama · 10/08/2007 21:23

I'd be livid. In fact I am livid on your behalf. Little girls remember these things. You MUST chat with your sister about this.


Flibbertyjibbet · 10/08/2007 21:23

My mother lynched my sister who plucked my eyebrows when she was 13 and I was 11!

I think HonoriaG said it for me.

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