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Can I paint a rediator with ordinary gloss paint, or do I have to shell out for radiator paint?

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Greensleeves · 08/08/2007 13:08

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Kewcumber · 08/08/2007 13:10

you can use ordinary gloss (or satin) provided it is completely dry before the radiator is tunred on. Might not last quite as long but I never had a problme.


Greensleeves · 08/08/2007 13:12


OP posts:

Gee72 · 08/08/2007 13:17

Doesn't sound unreasonable, but it might peel off after a while.


dal21 · 08/08/2007 13:24

does it say on the can? I used dulux satinwood recently and it said on the outside that it was suitable for radiators too!


bodiddly · 08/08/2007 13:34

you can do it with regular gloss but it can get a bit smelly when you turn the radiator on! If you are painting them white then it will yellow fairly quickly .. mind you that has never stopped me ... I can never be bothered with buying radiator paint!


GroaningGameGirly · 08/08/2007 13:34

Dulux Satinwood has worked fine on mine - done 6 years ago and still no sign of peeling. Easier to work with than radiator paint, too, which is a PITA to get off!


Spockle · 08/08/2007 13:35

...but radiator paint is so nice to paint with & goes on so easily with a shiny finish, I would fork out. But then I am a sucker for an easy life.


kslatts · 08/08/2007 13:39

We have always used ordinary gloss paint and have never had any problems.


Kewcumber · 08/08/2007 14:02

always use satinwood in the same colour as the walls. Don't understand the obsession with white radiators (unless of course your walls are pale), or now I come to think of it the need for radiators to be shiny. Hair yes, radiators no.


liliac · 08/08/2007 14:17

I always use emulsion paint on my rads in the bedrooms, the same colour as the walls, the blend in then.


Spockle · 08/08/2007 14:19

Shiny radiators:
bad for radiating heat ; good for wiping muck off .


GroaningGameGirly · 08/08/2007 15:25

I'm with you on this one, Kew!

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