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To wonder what the Feck planet my neighbour is on?

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PinkChick · 07/08/2007 15:50

moved in a year ago, was warned about nnieghbours being a bit strange..never the less, we keep ourselves to ourselves and plod a long...

one day neighbour comes out of hers as im getting in car and ask me to open her bottles of juice as her manicured nails are too long????!!!..she then wants a chat but we are going out(as she could see, so said have to go)

couple of months ago was out in garden and spoke to them nciely about poss of taking part of joining fence down in front garden so one or both of us could get our cars on drive as parking is bad here..he said ok, she said no, worrid about kids running all over(she has older boys, i take my dd/mindees into back secure garden, never front)..and said she was going to apply for ramp and wheelchari in about a year!, so might have to restructure garden so didnt want to mess about now??..baffled but none the less said ok ..she then went on to slag off old owners, saying they were up themselves etc etc..i said didnt realise they could be like that blah blah..she then said she thought i was same as i hadnt got them a christmas card!!????(didnt i?..dont remember)..anyway..that convo done...probs still persist with parking even to the point of them aprking right over our drive if someone takes thier space!..hey ho...cut to today!..coming in from playgroup in lots of shopping(dd's uniform and some new toys), mindee grumpy as wants to sleep, dd has chest infection and needs meds..see her say Hi, are you ok, she says no, shatterd so on..i smile politley and go into house, put mindee to bed and get dd's medicine..knock at door...neighbour"have i done something to upset you"?, do you have a problem with me?""why"?..cos you seem a lot less happy than you used to be and ignored me there???????????????????? it because of the wall?..i explain shopping tired mindee poorley dd(not that i should have too) and she says oh you just seme like you dont like me and are being funny with me now?..prompted by me saying no, im busy, i said hello, you answered me, now i must go..bye...............WHAT???????

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maisemor · 07/08/2007 15:58

She sounds a real treat.

You probably should just have said I am upset with you because of the wall and I never want to speak to you again bye, bye.


snowwonder · 07/08/2007 16:00

she sounds a bit self obsessed(sp?).....


PinkChick · 07/08/2007 20:13

LOL maisemor..yeah at least she wouldnt have botherd me agin!..her hubby has just squeezed his car in the gap between ours an up the roads into a space no bigger than a mini and he has a big estate!..dont know hoe he does it, think his wheels go sideways..but rather than ask us to move down a bit he edges and turns all night!...theyre as mad as fish!

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rantinghousewife · 07/08/2007 20:19

I have a theory that everyone gets at least one barking neighbour. Ours howls at her dcs like a fishwife, speaks to you once in a blue moon, makes her kids stand against the wall with a hat on when they are naughty and says in a loud voice over the garden fence 'someone's been in our garden' over and over until you get the impression that her comments are actually aimed at you. She once sent her dp over to ask if we'd put macdonalds wrappers in her wheelie. Mad as a hatter.


snowleopard · 07/08/2007 20:32

Oh we have a shrieker opposite us - bloody hate it when she yells at her kids like banshee for the tiniest thing - and in the garden for everyone to hear, it's as if she's proud of it. Makes me want to go out and say "don't worry lads, just a few years and you can leave home". Upstairs are permanently pissed and have been known to physically hang onto me to make it home from the corner shop! W also regularly hear them and their furniture crashing to the floor.

They're everywhere. But I actually thank my lucky stars now that I have the ones I have, as in the last place I lived we had a heroin addict downstairs who left all his bin bags in the hall, tipped used cat litter straight out of his front door in a pile, kicked the communal front door in when he'd lost his key, and smashed his own windows in the night.

Re the OP, she sounds monumentally insecure. She had a right old dig at you about the Christmas card etc., and then comes round saying don't you like me? Oh I cannot stand people like that. If you can possibly find the balls, look her in the eye and say "Not much, and you just said this afternoon that you don't like me, so we're quits. Bye."


snowleopard · 07/08/2007 20:33

(I meant the neighbour sounded insucure not the OP herself IYSWIM)


annh · 07/08/2007 22:23

What age is this woman? She sounds exactly like the female version of our male neighbour a few years ago who started off being extremely chatty, telling us that he had lived there for years, knew everyone and everything and that the people who had lived in our house before had been very "difficult" (see the similarities?). Anyway, over time he became more and more difficult, would be out sweeping in his yard at midnight (as the houses were terraced, this was annoying), would demand that we move our car so his wife did not have to park under the tree outside their house (given that this was a city street of terraced townhouses, this often buggered up the parking for the whole street), would refuse to come to his door to speak to us if e.g. we took a delivery in for him etc. It eventually emerged that he was in the early stages of dementia and by the time we moved three years later, we hardly ever saw him. Knowing he was ill didn't necessarily make it easier to deal with him, but it certainly helped us to understand.


RedLorryYellowLorry · 07/08/2007 22:29

She sounds mad. There's a lot of it about. Woman in airport loos on Sunday night having an argument with her handbag - screaming at it to stop it's f'ing games!! Dd 6 yo and myself legged it sharpish. Dd said she was glad she didn't have a mummy like that - let's see what I'm like by the end of the school holidays I thought.


bookwormtailmum · 07/08/2007 22:38

Most of our neighbours on one side have been barking mad - we're waiting to see what the current inhabitant of next door is going to turn out like. We've been accused of all sorts from most of them from paying the milk bills against her wishes - she turned out to have something like dementia - to the last but one deliberately planting trees to overshade her garden and she wanted them cut down. The trees have been there since since about 1982 and she moved in about 2002 . She must have seen them when she viewed the bungalow....


PinkChick · 08/08/2007 08:45

hi all, shes must be n her late 40's but looks older, se does have problems but mainly mobility(i can say this cos im big, but her probs are cos of her weight mainly, she is very overweight and uses this scooter to get around)
i heard from our previous owners that she had all bboys but really wanted a girl/girls..and noticed the other day a "baby on board" sticker in her car window.....she doesnt have a baby..neither do any of her own children???? keeping dd well away..dp said i should have said the same as you"No i dont really like you, yes you were a tit about the fence and parking and no i dont really want to talk so f*ck off"..really amicable dp

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