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to think that my DHs new haircut makes him look ridiculous and slightly gay....

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alycat · 07/08/2007 10:04

Whilst my DH was in the USA he had a 'fauxhawk' seefaux hawk style

Fine on DB and Jude Law types, or anyone under 30, but on a (reasonably well preserved) 47 yr old CEO I think it looks really erm, mutton as lamb.

Is this a midlife crisis for a man that already has an elite red sports car?

OP posts:

SeamonstEr · 07/08/2007 10:06

lol, does he wear his shirts opened to his [hairy/waxed] navel and wear bling?


Saturn74 · 07/08/2007 10:06

Bless him - it'll grow back.
Buy him some chains for his jeans, and slash a couple of his t-shirts just to complete the look!


CountessDracula · 07/08/2007 10:07

difficult to say, how does he dress?

Probably rather MLCish tbh, but hey it's only a haircut it will grow out!


CountessDracula · 07/08/2007 10:07

oh also
is he CEO of a groovy co
or an insurance co?


alycat · 07/08/2007 10:09

No, this is the thing, he is usually very well dressed in Armani, Hugo Boss, Paul Smith, Canali, Zegna etc suits.

He buys stylish an well designed/fitting clothes for casual too, mostly Boss or Paul Smith - until recently wouldn't even wear M&S socks - only designer ones would do.

He is very hot on personal grooming too scrubs, moisturisers etc...omg sounding more gay by the minute!!

OP posts:

CountessDracula · 07/08/2007 10:12

well if he had a more laid back look it would probably be ok
but tbh sounds pretty awful with designery


alycat · 07/08/2007 10:12

He is the CEO (and owner) of an International PR and advertising agency with offices in Chicago, NY, Seattle, Melbourne (Aus) and London.

Pretty young funky industry, so perhaps trying to look younger.

I didn't realise it was cut to be longer on the diagonalish, I thought it was just pushed into place, I thought he could just flatten it down! - thank god I'm not taking him to Glyndebourne with me on Sunday!

OP posts:

LadyOfTheFlowers · 07/08/2007 10:15


I wanted dh to have this hair cut but he refused (he's 26, I think, maybe 25?! ).
Bless him.


Lorayn · 07/08/2007 10:23

I don't think it is really that bad, especially due to what he does for employment, I'd try not to say too much unless he goes the whole hog, gets his bottom lip pierced, starts hanging out at the local nightclub carpark with his sports car, playing drum and bass and calling you his 'bitch'.
It's only hair, and we are all guilty of maybe acting a bit young for our age (says a 26yo convinced she is still 15).


GoingThroughChanges · 07/08/2007 10:27

I think it's lovely that he wants to be modern & trendy. it does sound as if he wants to fit in with the PR agency & create a good impression on potential customers.

I know he could do all that with a different haircut too, but I like it

My dh has a shaved head all over... wouldn't mind him growing it to be like this though


Olihan · 07/08/2007 10:27

He's a metrosexual - could be gay but isn't, a la Mr Beckham .


totaleclipse · 07/08/2007 10:28

PMSL AT LadyOfTheFlowers.

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