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that when I phone the chemist on tuesday, and ask them to pick up DD1's prescrition, that when I go to pick it up today...

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sparklygothkat · 03/08/2007 20:26

they actually have the drugs in stock!!! I use the pickup service as its easier than dropping the repeat prescrition to the doctor and then making another trip to the GP to pick it up and then go to the chemist, but the last few times I have used it, I get there on the friday to pick up and they say 'oh sorry we are out of this drug, but can get it in for tomorrow' Why not order it when I phone on the monday??

Ended up taking the prescrition to Boots where they had the drug and did it all in 5 minutes.

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mm22bys · 03/08/2007 22:15

I used to go to Boots, now I go the small local one, and they ALWAYS have my stuff in stock. With Boots, the last time I went there it literally took DAYS to get my stuff in (and it's not obscure stuff!).

Glad you got your stuff in 5 minutes...

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