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Not a single family member has sent my DD a birthday card

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NAB3 · 02/08/2007 10:26

She is 4 today.
Admittedly I don't know if the post is just late but they are so rubbish at sending my kids cards and we send to everyone.

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LIZS · 02/08/2007 10:27

Isn't there a delivery strike today ?


NAB3 · 02/08/2007 10:27

You are joking????

OP posts:

dal21 · 02/08/2007 10:28

everything going awol in the post recently. we havent had any for days!


flowerybeanbag · 02/08/2007 10:29

they probably have NAB, there is a post strike, I haven't had any post in days.


bozza · 02/08/2007 10:29

Yes unfortunately I think there is a 2 day strike.


LIZS · 02/08/2007 10:29

Limited deliveries today , sorry


Oblomov · 02/08/2007 10:30

The strike is today. We have had no post at work today. Surely your relatives could have accounted for this.


GreebosWhiskers · 02/08/2007 10:30

Don't know where you live NAB23 but I vaguely remember hearing on the radio yesterday that us Scots were advised not to post anything for 24 hours as there was an impromptu strike announced for Glasgow & Edinburgh sorting offices - maybe the strike has snowballed?

Your poor DD - tell her happy birthday from the GW household.


oliveoil · 02/08/2007 10:32

we had a strike yesterday, back to normal today

my sister had a birthday last week, my card turned up 2 days late, my mums has been lost



WendyWeber · 02/08/2007 10:32

Surely you can tell from the OP that everyone isn't on top of the news all the time, Oblomov

I didn't know either


NAB3 · 02/08/2007 10:32

No links are working for me today. We live in Kent.

OP posts:

MhamaiJane · 02/08/2007 10:32

I live in Ireland NAB3 so don't know re postal strike but happy birthday to your dd. I told my ds 6 and he said "poor girl" and wants to wish her a happy birthday too, oh and can he come to her party?


NAB3 · 02/08/2007 10:33

No party but thank you all for the lovely wishes!!

OP posts:

WendyWeber · 02/08/2007 10:34

From Liz's link, NAB:

so they probably have sent stuff

Hope your DD enjoys her birthday anyway!


NAB3 · 02/08/2007 10:35

Thanks for that. I wouldn't mind but my kids get such few family cards anyway.........

OP posts:

RGPargy · 02/08/2007 10:36

Nab3 - I live in Kent too and our post is very sporadic. Haven't had anything for about 3 days now and we normally get something every day!

Hope your lovely DD had a great birthday!


NAB3 · 03/08/2007 13:59

Well, we have had post today and no one in my husbands family has sent a card. Her grand parents and great grandma brought one to the party.

OP posts:

WendyWeber · 03/08/2007 14:05

Don't give up hope yet, NAB - the post is very unreliable at the moment, and stuff is going missing too (twinset started a thread about it a few days ago, I'll link to it in a minute).

In fact given that, why not ring and ask? Say you're worried that something they sent may have gone astray with the disruption.


WendyWeber · 03/08/2007 14:07



lemonaid · 03/08/2007 14:14

Mine all arrived about three days late in the middle of last month -- and I know they were posted in plenty of time, and we had had some post on the intervening days. I think the strikes in various areas have just messed things up.


NAB3 · 03/08/2007 14:16

I would ask my MIL but I doubt she would know if anyone has sent a card. Plus I complained that hardly any family sent my son a card which caused her to cry. And she's not talking to me. Wish I'd known. Would have bought her loads of cards myself.

OP posts:

Katy44 · 03/08/2007 14:17

We seem to get nothing for days and loads at once. And it was extremely late today - it's normally late morning but this was 2pm!!


motherinferior · 03/08/2007 14:31

Mr Inferior - who is 42 today - has received precisely one card, a week ago, from his Organised Aunty Yvonne. Admittedly I have no idea if his brothers have sent him cards, but the box of handmade chocolates from the Inferiorettes - which left its makers on Wednesday - hasn't arrived.


WendyWeber · 03/08/2007 16:55

Oh, god bless organised aunties - I used to have one of those

One year her postman nicked all her birthday cards ; she had no hesitation in asking us if we'd sent her something, and then beetled off to the PO to make a complaint about him.


DaisyMOO · 03/08/2007 18:04

If it makes you feel any better NAB3, most of my husband's family don't send birthday cards and those that do tend to send them several days late and without a stamp so that I have to go and pay for the privelege of picking up a late birthday card

I hope your dd had a lovely day anyway.

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