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to feel slightly offended that someone who collected 2 boxes of assorted books from me via freecycle this morning...

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WendyWeber · 31/07/2007 19:42

...has now posted 1 box of assorted books on freecycle this evening, without an email acknowledgement?

(Or is it just a reflection of the fact that we struggle to get rid of any, and only give away the crap ones? )

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FlameParakeet · 31/07/2007 19:44

You didn't want them.... I assume they picked over what they did want, and put the rest back on for someone else.

What have they done wrong?


AttilaTheMum · 31/07/2007 19:44

They may be her crap books that she has to give away so she has room for your wonderful ones...


WendyWeber · 31/07/2007 19:45

Well usually when someone collects something they email to say thanks.

I didn't think they were that bad

OP posts:

WendyWeber · 31/07/2007 19:45

Aha, excellent explanation Attila, thanks!

OP posts:

whomovedmychocolate · 31/07/2007 19:46

Umm, if you took some clothes to a charity shop and saw someone else wearing them the next week you'd be okay with that. How is this different exactly?

YAB(a bit)U!


FlameParakeet · 31/07/2007 19:47

Ah, see I just thank lots when I collect and don't email


WendyWeber · 31/07/2007 19:47

Yes, IABU, I admit it

OP posts:

whomovedmychocolate · 31/07/2007 19:58

Well done, good for you.

And congrats for having a clear out. It feels lovely when you reclaim a space doesn't it


WendyWeber · 31/07/2007 22:58

Oh it does, wmmc, although we have an awful lot of spaces full of Stuff still to go - but apart from her 2 boxes of books, quite a bit has already gone to the tip/for recycling/to Oxfam and there is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel

(I bought loads of those plastic lidded storage boxes recently and they are helping a lot with sorting/dividing/deciding what goes where)

I told today's lady I would have more books later and would she be interested and she said yes; hope she hasn't changed her mind!

OP posts:

LazyLineLegilimens · 01/08/2007 12:57

But this is the easiest way to give them away, otherwise you end up with sorters who take a few and you are left with some.

The person took them and is now passing on the ones they don't want.

This is the point of Freecycle, no?


WendyWeber · 01/08/2007 13:00

Yes, LLL - have admitted - IABU!

OP posts:

zippit · 01/08/2007 13:03

now if they were reselling them it might count....I have a houseful of books and i don 't wanty them but i do at the same time


WendyWeber · 01/08/2007 13:07

Yes, zippi, that's exactly how I feel!

The 2 boxes that went were only half of what we sorted through. DH would put something in the discard pile and I would say nonono, you would really like this one, so it got fished out again.

Much of what actually went was out of date football yearbooks, or footballers' biographies, or county library withdrawn-from-circulations. (There was a copy of An Evil Cradling, but we had 2 of those.)

I need a life launderer I think.

OP posts:

zippit · 01/08/2007 13:10

when i move they will go i think

master of indecision

i have a lot of art books and interiors and gardening as well as novels and south america and poetry etc etc

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