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To be a leetle annoyed that my son is still not good enough for some folks?

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nightowl · 29/07/2007 23:19

Ive found out tonight that a certain neighbour in our street has said the reason she will not let her son "play out" is because she doesn't approve of him socialising with the "kind of children" who play out here. my son being one of them. ds and his friends dared to walk past her car tonight and she was staring from the window as if they were about to graffiti (sp?) it!

my son who is polite, kind and caring, who would not hurt a fly, does not drop litter and would not dream of damaging someone elses property. he's not a little thug, he doesn't swear. he's been brought up just fine thank you very much. we have a nice house, well looked after blah blah blah.

if you don't like council streets (not estate, as we are just a council street in the middle of private houses really) then don't fecking buy a house in one.

maybe it would be nice if she had ever spoken to me before judging my kid

why should i care actually?

OP posts:

BBBee · 29/07/2007 23:22

you shouldn't care - she is a silly silly cow.


lemonaid · 29/07/2007 23:23

The parents of one of my sister's friends wouldn't let her associate with my sister.

Until the mother discovered that she worked with our father, at which point she backtracked rapidly...


handlemecarefully · 29/07/2007 23:25

Stupid bloody woman. She's insane.


Bubble99 · 29/07/2007 23:26

You shouldn't care.

Her son is probably looking out of the window and wishing he was allowed to go out and play, too.


greensleeves · 29/07/2007 23:27

What on earth are her reasons for this? Is it solely because you live in a council house? If she lives in the same street, how does that work - is her house very different from yours? I don't get it.

The short answer would be that bigoted uptight people are best avoided, so she is no loss. But it's sad for your children to have to discover that people can be like this, and sad for ehr children that she is imposing this ridiculous apartheid on them. She will regret it, IMO


Desiderata · 29/07/2007 23:28

Well that must be pretty upsetting, nightowl.

She sounds like an uptight twunt who probably wouldn't let her son 'play out' under any circumstances.

I don't feel sorry for your son, because he sounds gorgeous and he obviously has a great mum.

But I don't 'arf feel sorry for hers.


Bubble99 · 29/07/2007 23:30

And, unless she or you are planning to pay for private education, her son is going to be going to school with 'children like yours' anyway.


PiesAreNiceSoAreMice · 29/07/2007 23:31

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

nightowl · 29/07/2007 23:36

her house is no different greensleeves, apart from the fact they own it. in fact, i may be as bold to say that mine looks nicer...not that I would be so petty.

OP posts:

elesbells · 29/07/2007 23:40

well it sounds like your son has lots of friends anyway so i wouldnt worry.

it may well turn out that, by restricting her son like this he will end up being exactly 'that type' of child anyway. what goes around...


nightowl · 29/07/2007 23:45

i know, im daft. i should be used to the "ewwwww, they are council tenants darling..please dont touch {shudder}" kind of thing. but now he gets it in his own street...grrrrrrr.


OP posts:

Nightynight · 29/07/2007 23:47

god, she sounds like my mother. Her children will grow up social outcasts, as we did, because I wouldnt mind betting that the sort of people she wants them to associate with, wont want to have owt to do with her.


mabelmurple · 29/07/2007 23:48

Er... did you hear these words from her own lips? If not, then it's just gossip, which can be grossly distorted, exaggerated or just plain wrong and maybe coming from people who have their own agenda. She could have been staring out of her own window for any number of reasons, or even staring at her window and not at your ds at all. Quite at some of the replies here, none of whom presumably know this person.


nightowl · 30/07/2007 00:00

mabel...i saw her. her head was moving (and her eyes too! ) as she watched my son walking around her car. she was, quite clearly watching him suspiciously.

OP posts:

nightowl · 30/07/2007 00:02

oh and i know because i overheard said woman telling a friend, she hadn't seem me walking up the road at the time.

OP posts:

Desiderata · 30/07/2007 00:06

.... it's you, isn't it mabel?


nightowl · 30/07/2007 00:10

i bet it is you know...{looks round very slowly, eyes moving left and right in scary oil painting way}

OP posts:

elesbells · 30/07/2007 00:13

perhaps it me, but generally speaking, i dont stare at my windows very odd.


Desiderata · 30/07/2007 00:21

You're not wrong, eles.

I may give my windows a passing glance , but why would I stare at them.

Oh dear, mabel. If you were before, then Lord knows what you must think of us now


Tortington · 30/07/2007 00:21

i had a neighbour - obviously bought ex council house many years before. my kids and hers were friends - but i never liked her much she had the most horrible grating voice - and one of those people who having bought their council house now reckonsthey are middle class know what i mean - i know you do.

so... her kid aged 8 says "damn" or something equally innocuous and she says ( as i am in the garden and MY children are sat on the dividing wall - as her children did too) "xxxx where did you learn language like that? it's certainly not from this house"

now if the kid hd learned a swear word from me - it wouldnt have been damn... of that i think we can all be certain .... i hated her inferences - that was an example of one of many little things.

so, now she has moved ( thank FUCK) and my daughter is loads ahead of hers in the classes at school and dd tells me of the antics her daughter get ups to with boys and smoking and playing truant etc etc.

and it is so very wrong of me not to be more understanding and fact i turn into the most rubbish person and reply " its chuffin kharma babe, KHARMA!"


Bubble99 · 30/07/2007 00:22


I live in a council house and I listen to Radio Four.

I think the stereotyping of people who live in council (or ex-council houses, like us) has had it's day. Particularly in London, where I live, as most people can't afford to buy 'charming Victorian houses' on normal salaries.


nightowl · 30/07/2007 00:41

thanks people, dont feel too ranty now.

will get back to me tenants super (am sitting in front garden in an armchair) and watch the world go by

OP posts:

Tortington · 30/07/2007 00:49

dont forget to burn stuff


nightowl · 30/07/2007 00:53

i just burnt my toast, does that count?

OP posts:

Tortington · 30/07/2007 01:37

not unless you were toasting it on the stuff you were burning. and calling it a BBQ

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