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Was i being a mad hormonal crazy lady, or did i have a point?

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theUrbanDryad · 29/07/2007 21:24

Have just come back from a night away in a hotel in Ashby in Leicestershire. i am still really angry about a few things, think i need to gain a bit of perspective.

  1. when we went to check in, the receptionist mentioned that they had a live band on till midnight. i asked if it was going to be noisy, she offered to change rooms (which we did) AIBU in thinking that they could've mentioned when we booked that they regularly have live bands/wedding discos (they had both last night) on a Saturday night, when it was obvious we'd be staying with a small baby?

  2. because we moved rooms the cot we asked to be provided wasn't in the room. fortunately, we had brought our travel cot (just in case) and so dh went downstairs to the reception to ask for a sheet. she said the cot would be moved to our new room, then - as dh was trying to explain that we just needed the sheet, not the whole cot - proceeded to make a phone call! as dh was talking!! AIBU in thinking that this is appalling customer service and incredibly rude??

  3. i went downstairs to try and explain the situation to her, and when i finally got through to her and asked how long it would be before they could be brought up, she said, "Well we do have the wedding on." I said, "Well, if you don't have the staff to cover your events, you shouldn't be taking on guests as well." To which she replied, "If you'er going to be rude, i can ask you to leave!!"

  4. the music didn't finish till well after midnight (we were told it would finish at midnight) was i being unreasonable to want to kill the wedding dj?

    was i being unreasonable in expecting a slightly higher quality of service? surely it shouldn't matter if there's a big event on, guests in a hotel should be given a standard of service, since they're paying too?

    i've worked in the hotel industry for about 3 years, and i have never spoken to a guest like that in my life. i know how much work a big wedding is, but it's not the guest's fault if you don't have staff to cover!

    am still fuming at the way this woman spoke to me!!

    AIBU???? please? it's driving me mad!
OP posts:

CrookshanksinJimmyChoos · 29/07/2007 21:26

YANBU! I think so many hotels these days put the comfort of wedding parties etc before other guests because obviously more money is coming from wedding parties etc than guests like yourself - its wrong! The same thing happened to my mum when she stayed in a hotel last year and she said she felt as if she was in the way and it was only the wedding party that had priority!


moondog · 29/07/2007 21:28

You need to write and complain then.
Sounds well off.

I had a dreadful experience on Air France a month back,wrote to complain and got a very courteous and apologetic letter which was all i wanted.


allgonebellyup · 29/07/2007 21:28

oooh i would be seething as well!
what did you say after she said she could ask you to leave??


expatinscotland · 29/07/2007 21:29

I think I would copy and paste what you wrote here in a bullet point letter to the management.


3Ddonut · 29/07/2007 21:30

Not at all, that's shocking service.


3Ddonut · 29/07/2007 21:33

Not at all, that's shocking service.


binklehasflipped · 29/07/2007 21:36

I think YABU to expect them to tell you they have live bands and weddings on a saturday night in advance. I would expect you to research your chosen hotel in advance of booking (and request a quiet room because you have a baby) or depending on the facilities of the hotel - expect them to cater for functions/have entertainment on saturdays

I think she was rude to talk over your dh and should have arranged for the sheet to be brought immediately or asked your dh to accompany her to the linen cupboard so she could personally pass him on (this has happened to us - at least it was sorted immediately)

She may have thought you were being bolshy and so made the comment about asking you to leave - and you may well have been being bolshy - with reason to some extent

Wanting to kill the dj is fair enough. I have to say that when we got married the hotel asked us to turn our music down as our celidh and the sound of us mad irish dancing was drowning out the frankly poor prerecorded organ muzak in the bar below We paid a bomb for that wedding and we went right on dancing tbh as the function room wasnt near any bedrooms so were werent disturbing paying guests sleep. We finished at midnight on the dot though like the good guests we were.


theUrbanDryad · 29/07/2007 21:38

expat - i think i will. the trouble is, we went away for my mum's birthday, and i didn't actually pay for the room, she did. so i feel a bit weird complaining, but then it was me who had the rubbish service!

after she said she could ask me to leave i just turned around and walked off as i didn't trust myself to reply further!

OP posts:

HedTwig · 29/07/2007 21:39

mad, hormonal, crazy lady until the point where she was rude .. that is worth complaining about

nothing else is


madamez · 29/07/2007 21:40

If hotels, etc, can't guarentee the same standard of service to all their guests then they shouldn't take individual bookings when the place is being used for a wedding or hired out to a large tour group (there was something about this in one of the weekend papers). SUggest you write and complain (very politely as that always gives a better impression than a FARK YOU ALL type letter) outlining everything that happened.


theUrbanDryad · 29/07/2007 21:43

HedTwig - thank you, you've confirmed what i suspected! i get a bit unreasonable when i'm trying to get ds to sleep and some total FUCKWIT is playing Mustang FUCKING Sally right under our room! at half past midnight!

but to be honest, it could have been half 6 in the evening, and if i was trying to get ds to sleep and there was noise stopping him from sleeping, i would want to kill whoever was making the noise!!

OP posts:

evenhope · 29/07/2007 21:45

I don't think YABU. We've now had 2 (expensive) hotel stays ruined by loud weddings until midnight. I don't think it's asking too much to expect them to warn you at booking stage that there is a wedding- we stayed at a castle advertised as a quiet country romantic getaway and were kept awake by exceedingly loud music from a wedding. I will be sticking to Travelodges and similar in future- a fraction of the price and no disturbances.

I would write to complain about the "service" definitely.


lionheart · 29/07/2007 21:48

Mustang FUCKING Sally would tip me over the edge, too. The rudeness is not on at all.


moondog · 29/07/2007 21:50

lol at Mustang FUCKING Sally.
Remember a vey bad night in Russian Black Sea resort with pissed Ukrainiand having a karaoke thing until 5:00 am below us. Oh,and had dreadful sunburn too.

Nealry finished me off.


MerlinsBeard · 29/07/2007 21:50

would it have been any different if you have enjoyed the music that was playing?

My first thoughts when i read it were that YABU to expect them to tell you at booking there were bands...there usually are in hotels here esp at weekends and if they can be hired for functions i would take it as given. They told you as you checked in and offered a different room.

If i had takena travek cot i would prob have taken bedding anyway but i realise that that is just me

I think you were rude to her. BUT yes they have paying guests as well as a wedding so should treat each the same


cornsilk · 29/07/2007 21:50

This happened to us once - noisy disco full of drunken teenagers who then spilled out onto the car park shouting and falling over cars. Was furious - and this was pre-baby.
With a baby is beyond appalling.


expatinscotland · 29/07/2007 21:51

If I had paid for my daughter and her family to enjoy a night in a hotel and she were treated like that, I'd complain myself if she didn't!

Why should you have to 'research' the hotel to that extent? What are you supposed to do, find a blueprint of the building and ask for a specific room far away enough from any function venues?


They want weddings because they make tons of money.

But you can't have it both ways!

A hotel has an obligation to all its guests, regardless of whether they're paying for a wedding or overnighting. I mean, so what if they paid a bomb for the wedding? THat means other guests just have to put up with it? Don't think so! It's the hotel's JOB to provide a peaceful lodging or don't take on guests when you have an event on like that.

As for the receptionist, so what if she was being 'bolshy'? It is beyond unprofessional to respond as she did!

Write tonight.


theUrbanDryad · 29/07/2007 21:56

even if it had somehow been a Carter reunion gig, or Ian Curtis miraculously back from the dead, if it was stopping ds from sleeping, and he was crying because he was tired and unable to sleep, i'd still be fuming. so the Mustang FUCKING Sally was incidental really!

expat - i think i will write. better than sitting here fuming and giving myself an ulcer!

OP posts:

expatinscotland · 29/07/2007 21:59

Making a phone call when you have a guest at the counter is NOT on.

Speaking to the guest like she did is NOT on.

Suggesting that the service you are getting as a paying customer should be compromised by a wedding is not on.

Threatening a guest with removal is not on - call security if you're that concerned.

I'd write a letter.

And I'd name and shame them right here.


Earlybird · 29/07/2007 21:59

Hang on - it seems the hotel was trying to accomodate by giving a different room. And they were making arrangements to move the cot - which had been provided in response to a request.

Could the whole thing have been resolved with a little patience (not talking extended amounts of time, obviously)?


theUrbanDryad · 29/07/2007 22:05

Earlybird - they did move us (after some talking and considerable amounts of patience on my part...Her: We do have live bands on Friday and Saturday. Me: Is it going to be noisy? Her: Well we do have live bands on. Me: Well, yes, but is it going to be noisy? ), but i don't think it's exactly rocket science to say, We don't need the cot, just a sheet would do. And after seeing how generally rubbish they were, there was no way my pfb was going in one of their cots!!

OP posts:

janeitebus · 29/07/2007 22:53

YANBU. And I don't think it sounds as if you were being rude; SHE was extremely rude to your dh.

Although - Ian Curtis back from the dead - I'd let the baby cry and be down in the front row like a shot, appalling mother that I am!


Augustbride · 31/07/2007 11:57

Just curious , does the hotel have the initial TRH ?
If it is the one I am thinking of then the hotel is well known for having weeekend functions throughout the summer months, this is mentioned in their brochure and on their website.
Having said that, it doesn't excuse the way the staff member spoke to you.
Hope you enjoyed the rest of your weekend!


LucyJones · 31/07/2007 12:01

I think you were a tad unreasonable to ask if the live band/DJ was going to be noisy.... er, yes of course it was
She probably thought it was a bit of an odd question to ask - will the music be noisy!!!

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