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to find the use of "oh sugar" in a children's advert unnecessary

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jellysmummy · 27/07/2007 09:28

The advert for the new Fisher Price indestructable camera features the voice of a small child using the phrase "oh sugar" surely this is what parents use instead of oh shit, does anyone else find this unnecessary. I certainly don't won't my 2dds copying

OP posts:

IntergalacticWalrus · 27/07/2007 09:30

I'd rather DS1 said "oh sugar" than a lot of other things he could potentially say

Don't see what's wrong with it tbh


Nemo2007 · 27/07/2007 09:31

Ermm I dont know how I feel about that, yes your right it is what most parents use instead of oh shit. However I tend to say darn it which DS says aswell now so at least it is better than actually swearing.


yogimum · 27/07/2007 11:24

I agree jellysmummy. I was a bit taken back when I saw the advert the other day.


DarrellRivers · 27/07/2007 11:27

Could understand the problem if he was saying 'oh shit'....


HappyDaddy · 27/07/2007 13:46

I agree.

He should have said "bollocks".


MaryAnnSingleton · 27/07/2007 13:50

happydaddy !!


Hulababy · 27/07/2007 14:02

Can't see the problem with it. Not swearing. We can't ban every turn of phrase surely? DD says "Oh my goodness" a fair bit when she does something like drop an item, etc. . Not sure where that has come from.


Charlottesweb · 27/07/2007 14:05

Is it just mine that says "Oh crap" then

Joking really...


Desiderata · 27/07/2007 14:10

My ds says bollocks quite a lot. I got away with it when it was borricks, but now I can't.

My MiL recently asked me where he got it from. Not one to put a spin on things, I said 'well me, obviously.'


chopster · 27/07/2007 14:18


Isnt the whole point of saying 'oh sugar' so that kids do pick this up rather than shit!


chopster · 27/07/2007 14:19

mine say bugger. It all started with a mispronounciation of buggy and it stuck. They are only 2. God knows what it will be later.


agnesnitt · 27/07/2007 14:30

There's a whole raft of excellent phrases that get bandies about my house on a regular basis. Current favourites are 'fiddlesticks' 'pants!' 'curses!' and 'crumbs'.

Can you tell I'm trying really hard not to swear?



HappyDaddy · 27/07/2007 15:28

I find 'Rats!' is my commonly used term. It can mean anything from 'oh dear' to 'shit' or even 'fuck' but dd just thinks it's funny and is harmless.

It's taken me ages to find a suitable replacement for the above!!

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