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to expect DH to stay in touch when he's away with DS?

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meowmix · 26/07/2007 18:15

... only the reason I'm lurking around here tonight (apart from the glittering conversation) is that I'm waiting for DH to log onto Gmail chat because he hasn't called or emailed in 2 days and I'm missing him and DS like crazy.

I know they're on holiday and that its not easy to get away from the MOTHERINLAWFROMHELL but I just want to know they're ok.

For the record I don't suspect him of being up to no good and its not a divorce offence but I feel a bit forgotten.

I'm being selfish and whiny right? tell me. any conversations better than sitting here alone!

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aloha · 26/07/2007 18:18

Have you called him or is that impossible? I'd like to be called every day personally, if I couldn't call.


wildwoman · 26/07/2007 18:20

Unfortunately I think its a it of a man thing, out of sight out of mind. My DP thinks the dcs and I just cease to be as soon as he leaves the house in the morning. You are entitled to feel a bit hurrumphy but I wouldn't worry.


meowmix · 26/07/2007 18:46

ach not worried just... harrumphy (good word).

I can't call him as I don't have his mothers number as she just moved (plus she might answer the phone and life is too short for that)

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motherinferior · 26/07/2007 18:51

They've gone away and left you All Alone?

I would quite rather kill for a similar set up.


RedTartanLass · 26/07/2007 19:05

I bet you're missing them loads, go and after a nice relaxing bath, glass of wize magazine Mmmmmmm

I'm sure just as you've got to that wonderfully chilled out zone........the phone will


RedTartanLass · 26/07/2007 19:06

Sorry try again...

I bet you're missing them loads, go and have a nice relaxing bath, glass of wine magazine Mmmmmmm

I'm sure, just as you've got to that wonderfully chilled out zone........the phone will ring


Leati · 26/07/2007 19:21

No, you are not being selfish and whiny. I always get anxious when my kids are away for a couple of days. It is reassuring to talk to them.


choosyflooded · 26/07/2007 19:25

well, I'd be extremely happy not to hear from my ds and dh for a couple of days (not more than that, to be fair) but if he's married to you he should know that you like more contact.

try to enjoy it though... [wistful contemplation of the idea of being able to head off to the movies or similar on my own, eat pasta out of the saucepan in front of ancient Friends episode etc)


cat64 · 26/07/2007 19:28

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

aloha · 26/07/2007 19:44

I really thought I'd love being on my own, but hated being alone overnight when I forgot to renew my passport once and family jetted off to France without me (sob!). I joined them two nights later, but I was bereft, and really suprised at myself! Love being alone all day though. Really love it.


meowmix · 27/07/2007 17:17

yeah the nights are a killer.

as I keep saying (sorry I feel like my MIL on this "ooooh I'm in the middle east you know" aw shuddup) and that means cinema and easy wandering around is out. However, with great and self-sacrificing generosity DH left me to pack up nthe house pre our move next week.

Its the nights that kill me. I have to come downstairs with the Pif Paf at the ready at least 5 times a night because of strange noises and its always the aircon. I move into a hotel on Tues night and am anticipating 7 hours sleep..... bliss

He called at 1am -10pm hs time. I got such a fright I fell down the stairs while clutching the PifPaf (see above) and hazed a blameless socket.

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