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to be incredably peed off at my nieghbours for this............

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CharleeWeasley · 26/07/2007 11:24

Brief history............

We have horrible people a couple of doors down, they live in and own a travelers site and they have all thier family living there in the static vans. They are constantly coming in my back garden even though it is gated off and nicking my flowers/fruit from the trees ect. I have asked them not to but they do it anyway and they are well known as the sort of family that wouldn't think twice about torching your car ect.

Anyway we rescued 2 cats while ago they are fater and son both un neutered and very ununsual colours.

We got them home and did everyhting that you do with a new pet ect, then when the time came to let them out i taught them to use the cat flap and went out with them a few times, once we were out there and one of the lids from this family strolls into the garden like the do and asks me about the father cat.

He asks what his mane is, how old ect i told him ploitley.

That night the father cat didn't come back.

I put up flyers, evej gave one to the nieghbours who swear blind they haven't seen him even though we see him walking in and out of thier house and eating food with thier cats.

I told them that DS was distraught that his cat had gone missing and could they please let me know if they catch him, in hope they would do the decent thing and give him back.

Anyway that was about 2 months ago and like i say this family have a horrendus reputation that i darne't push it even further.

But now i just have a leflet put through my door from them try ing to flog me a kitten for £80 which is identical to my effing cat they nicked and i am soooo annoyed at the cheek of it.

Apparently they now have 7 kitten 5 of which are identical to our missing cat that they have sold for £80 each due to thier unusual markings.

bloody cheek

OP posts:

kyala · 26/07/2007 11:56

This is a situation that, by the sound of it, you're not going to win, even if you involve the police. (But you probably knew that LOL I'm currently in a "point out the obvious to absolutely everyone" mood)

In this situation I'd count myself lucky that they haven't eaten the cat and have, at the very least, fed it well enough to breed.

I'm afraid, you live and learn! I'd just tell as many people as I could and make sure no-one buys the kittens, that way you can be sure that no-one you know will get royally screwed by these people too.

Sorry, not a lot of help but I guess you've got to try and see the brighter side of the situation: the cat's alive and well (as far as you know)


Ripeberry · 26/07/2007 12:07

How awfull! Travellers will pinch anything if its not tied down!
Would you ever consider moving? or do you think no-one would buy your house?
If i was you, i would put up a bigger fence with a proper full size gate and padlock it.
On top of the fence put some sharp spikes or trellis so that they can't climb over.
Secutity lights and CCTV to catch the buggers at it.
Its you home and garden. how dare they even set foot in it!


CharleeWeasley · 26/07/2007 12:11

We are moving! It is a privatley rented house and we are handing in our notice as soon as we find something else sensible.

They have 3 families living there and have 17 children between them! They breed all thier animals for money though they have a rotwiller and a yorkshire terrier and 3 cats that aare at the moment pregnant ans have just had another cat give birth.

Our other cat that we still have which has the better markings and temprement has to be shut in with a litter tray so they don't pinch it!

I was jsut so annoyed at the cheek, they know we knw thwy have it yet they send there horrible little kids to post a FOR SALE leflet through my door!

I have half a mind to go to thier house and relp with

'we would love a kitten sadly we are still getting over loosing our last cat to pikey twats like yourselves so can't.' but i cherish my life to much.

OP posts:

moljam · 26/07/2007 12:23

ripeberry thats a bit judgemental-'How awfull! Travellers will pinch anything if its not tied down!'
do you know them all?
that is bad charleeweasley,have you spoken to them,to let them know your not as stupid as they seem to think?


CharleeWeasley · 26/07/2007 12:24

I have a few time but i happen to knoe they beat the shite out of another person who asked them politley not to throw stones at his calfs.

OP posts:

CharleeWeasley · 26/07/2007 12:25

Just want to add i have no problems with travellers except these ones.............

OP posts:

theman · 26/07/2007 12:26

nightmare. i would hate to live by that traveller site.


wannaBe · 26/07/2007 12:28

"pikey twats". I would be careful using such terminology as, while I totally sympathise with how you're feeling, terms like that will almost certainly cause this tread to kick off.

As an aside, why was your cat not newtered?


CharleeWeasley · 26/07/2007 12:30

Sorry i take that back totally. I really don't mean to cause a stir on MN there are far to many already.

It wasn't beutered as we had only had it a week it was booked in to be done a few days after it went walkabouts.

Again sorry for the earlier comment.

OP posts:

bellabelly · 26/07/2007 12:31

If someone nicked my cats, I'd be doing a lot worse than calling them "pikey twats". But you're right to be cautious if they have such a bad reputation - if you're moving, they'll soon be someone else's problem.


CharleeWeasley · 26/07/2007 12:33

Yes as soon as we find somewhere that will be suitable for DS's condition we will be outta here!

OP posts:

skidoodle · 26/07/2007 12:34


the travelling community are well known for stealing and initimidation. I'm sure not all families engage in that kind of behaviour, but it does seem to be culturally accepted that it is OK for them to take what they want, go where they want, and frighten the settled community into backing down when they are hurt by their actions.

I'm all for challenging prejudice, but there's no point in denying obvious truths: the reasons people don't want to live near travellers is because it can lead to problems like this and if you try to do anything about it, you will be ignored. Worse, you will be accused of discrimination, and if you're a business owner possibly charged with it.


Fireflyfairy2 · 26/07/2007 12:36

Here we go again.........

stereotype travellers.. judge them...


RubySlippers · 26/07/2007 12:37

"The travelling community is well known for stealing and intimidation"

nothing like labelling an entire community to really make your point
this thing is really going to kick off


TnOgu · 26/07/2007 12:37

As in all sections of society there are good and bad.


CharleeWeasley · 26/07/2007 12:37

NO, NO, NO don't start arguing!

How do i get this thread removed before all hell breaks loose?

OP posts:

TnOgu · 26/07/2007 12:37

I have known many travellers who are not thieves.


RubySlippers · 26/07/2007 12:37

report it CW - use red exclamation mark
think that may be a wise move


auntyspan · 26/07/2007 12:38

Scrape up some poo from your DC nappies (hopefully they're still at that stage), put in jiffy bag and post to aforementioned family.

No help whatsoever but would make me feel better


moljam · 26/07/2007 12:39

skidoodle thanks,i feel ive learnt so much from your post.


auntyspan · 26/07/2007 12:39


CharleeWeasley · 26/07/2007 12:39

I have asked for this thread to be removed so please stop posting if it's going to turn into a row.

I never intended this to turn into a debate about travellers, i know some who are very nice people, i know my comment earlier was wrong, i was angry and i take it back and i have apologised.

OP posts:

wannaBe · 26/07/2007 12:41

ok, aside from what has and hasn't been said, and what these people have and haven't been called, they are clearly scum, irrespective of what section of the community they represent. You may not be able to get your back back, but, I would report them to the RSPCA.

If they are breeding dogs/cats for money and have 4 litters of kittens/more pregnant cats, they clearly are puppy/kitten farming, and that is something that is deeply frowned upon within the animal welfare community. Plus if they have that many animals in that small a proximity they obviously do not have the ability to care for those animals properly. A visit from an rspca inspector wouldn't go amiss, regardless of what has happened to your cat.


twinsetandpearls · 26/07/2007 12:43

As someone who has cats I feel for you and can understand why you are so angry, I would be banging the door down.

But it does worry me that travellers are one fo the few groups in society are continually attacked and people stand by and let it happen or chip in. Statements such as pikey twat or they will pinch anything are sheer prejudice and should be outed as such.


twinsetandpearls · 26/07/2007 12:44

Yes I agree with wannabe contact the RSPCA.

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