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To think that if I need to make an appointment for DS, that someone could make me an appointment before Thursday?

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mm22bys · 24/07/2007 13:24

My DS has been referred to a team within my local PCT. I got the letter today, and the number on the letter is out of service, and I can't speak to someone to make an appointment till Thursday (because they are out of the office till then).

AIBU to think that making an appt doesn't take much brain power, and even if I can't get the actual appointment for some weeks, that someone before Thursday should be able to make an appointment for me?

(TO put things in context, when we made an appt with a private specialist, the phone was picked up within one ring, and we were able to make an appt for within one week.)

Rant over!

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canmummy · 24/07/2007 13:34

Probably the reason for this is you now have to be offered a choice of appointment times so it's supposed to be convenient to you?!

I guess you may have to speak to someone specific as they need to get you an appointment with the right person (they all tend to have slightly different areas of interest).

It is a PITA - I've had to negotiate the system to get a small op that I suspected was necessary 3 months ago!


mm22bys · 24/07/2007 14:04

Yep I know...just letting off steam I guess!

I should be grateful that he has been referred and that he is going to get an appointment....(which I am of course...)

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