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annoyed with dh for stinking out every room with his farts?

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DrNortherner · 23/07/2007 17:34

I know they have to come out, but today he is like a bloomin chemical plant.

I complain and he laughs as he finds it so funny.

Do men ever grow up?

OP posts:

HuwEdwards · 23/07/2007 17:35


they are mostly vile.

I just don't understand the whole farts=funny thing.


quiveutmabonnebaguette · 23/07/2007 17:36

The stinker and louder the fart is, the more satisfied they men do not grow up


SweetyDarling · 23/07/2007 17:40

Light some candles. Why are men so much stinkier even if they eat the same things?


2shoes · 23/07/2007 17:50

give him a cork


MaureenMLove · 23/07/2007 17:56

I really hate that word - f**t! I can't even bring myself to type it! My dh is exactly the same. He finds it hilarious - I don't. They never grow up when it comes to 'blowing off'!


Jazzicatz · 23/07/2007 17:58

A friend of mine works in an office with all men and they fart all the time, so she lights an incense sticks, they all hate it, but it stops them.


Shoshable · 23/07/2007 18:11

DH managed to clear a whole coach of soldiers his are so bad, and is so proud of them, I sleep with a can of OUST next to me.

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