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Face party chat room

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amsr02 · 22/07/2007 18:49

I was recently watching richard and judy a few weeks ago they where going on about face party. So thinking I would join and meet like minded people in the different forum groups which I have done but. Most of the emails I recieve are from single men wanting to chat for other reasons. Has anyone else exprienced the same

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babywhiting · 22/07/2007 18:53

thats all face party is imo and alot of my friends too. its a meat market no where is safe .....


amsr02 · 22/07/2007 23:01

Ijust thought it was a chat room to talk u know get to know like minded people but like u say every wheres a meat market

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sexybitch · 19/03/2009 22:51

hey ladys is anyone having a baby in june i am

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