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to wonder what is the point of limousines with kids yelling abuse out of windows

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zippit · 22/07/2007 11:42

....I stood waiting to cross the road the other day and a 911 emergency patrol stretch limousine came past and some little shit yells at me why don't you just go and wet yourself

now is there a point

the week before there were about ten circling the town centre all with people shrieking mindlessly

OP posts:

lazymoo · 22/07/2007 13:31

whats a 911 emergency patrol stretch limousine.

The kids at our primary school all had a stretch limo to pick them up on friday (they finish on wed next week) and took them all bowling. OTT if you ask me.


mamazon · 22/07/2007 13:32

whats wrong with a school bus or coach?


Gee72 · 22/07/2007 13:33

'whats a 911 emergency patrol stretch limousine'

Dunno, but I want one!


Moomin · 22/07/2007 13:42

LOL. stuart Maconi was on about kids being spoilt this week on the radio, saying about them being taken to Disneyland in helicopters made from rubies for treats these days.

The limo thing is getting a bit OTT though now isnt it


floopowder · 22/07/2007 13:47

yeah and I know what I would of said if the other mothers had suggested a limo ride and bowling when dd left primary school.


zippit · 22/07/2007 16:34

it's like an american police patrol car but stretched into a limousine..instead of being pink and covered in balloons

OP posts:

Roskva · 22/07/2007 16:37

No, yanbu. I don't see the point either.


DoubleBluff · 22/07/2007 16:39

I cannot stand limos.
They are nrmaly full of drunken young females hangin out of the window squealing.
Common as muck.


zippit · 22/07/2007 16:39

what gets me is they don't do anything..they aren't going anywhere and because it's all blacked out no one can see you until you lean out of the windoiw and no one thinks ooh its david beckham in town

so they just scream look at me

OP posts:

DoubleBluff · 22/07/2007 16:40

Alhtough our local limo firm do an imitation 'mystery machine'.
Now THAT is cool.

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