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On the subject of junk mail... even ordinary junk mail that they don't want back.

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OrmIrian · 20/07/2007 11:12

Why do we have to put up with it?

Got home yesterday with two huge carrier bags of kids work from school and there was a larger than average pile of junk mail on the door mat. House gets snowed under in paper that we don't want. There was so much stuff all over the kitchen worktops I couldn't get the dinner ready until I'd dealt with it. You can't just shove it in the bin anymore so it has to be recycled. But you can't just shove it in the recycling box because you have to take the plastic 'windows' out of envelopes first and you have to remove any bits with your name, address and account/customer numbers on. So that takes ages. I really don't have time to spare to do this all the time! It's another chore that we are all forced to do and it makes me so cross. And it's all crap that we don't want. When is it going to be banned? That postman who told people how to avoid getting the stuff was in trouble I beleive? Why?

OP posts:

SaintGeorge · 20/07/2007 11:18

Stuff in envelopes addressed to 'The Occupier' are usually delivered by Royal Mail and can be stopped. Write to:

Royal Mail Door to Door Opt Out,
Room 130
Wheatstone House
Faraday Rd
Swindon, SN3 5JW

Tel: 0845 7905 950
Email: [email protected]

(thank you fruitful for the address on another thread)

Leaflets without envelopes put straight in recycling. You can try putting a notice up but no guarantee it will stop.

Stuff addressed to you personally but still junk mail can be stopped by signing up to the Mail preference service

Catalogues etc, put out the first time with a note stating your address and requesting no more.


moondog · 20/07/2007 11:20

Also write

Unsolicited mail
Remove from mailing list

on them and put back into the post.
I get hardly any junk mail now (although got vile House of sodding Bath Christmas preview catalogue today,it must be said.)


Pruners · 20/07/2007 11:28

Message withdrawn


Pruners · 20/07/2007 11:28

Message withdrawn


moondog · 20/07/2007 11:29

Return to sender [GRIN]


moondog · 20/07/2007 11:30

I was fleetingly tempted to purchase a stylish commode cunningly desguised as a dressing table stool upholstered in peach velour but resisted.


WendyWeber · 20/07/2007 11:32

If you've got some time on your hands (ever ) and are feeling petty and evil you can send one sender's junk (minus personal details of course) back to another sender in the prepaid envelope.


Miaou · 20/07/2007 11:36

not that you'd ever do that, WW


hotcrumpets · 20/07/2007 11:39

I was only moaning about this yesterday to DP, it's the stream of crappy pizza/indian/burger menus that I can't stand and the fact that they all cut across the gardens to deliver them because they can't be bothered to walk round

I don't see why I should have to deal with a ton of crap every week that I didn't ask for, it's a pain in the arse


sweetcherrypie · 20/07/2007 11:44

What would happen if you put the junk mail back in the letter box? That wouldn't help would it?


WendyWeber · 20/07/2007 11:45

Oh no miaou, of course not


babygrand · 20/07/2007 11:50

Good idea Sweetcherrypie!


WendyWeber · 20/07/2007 11:52

It would just get delivered to you again though(unless marked as moondog suggests)


sweetcherrypie · 20/07/2007 11:59

Maybe you could write on it 'return to sender' or 'not at this address'?


mumfor1standfinaltime · 20/07/2007 12:01

If there are pre-paid envelopes inside with the junk mail then tear the junk mail up and send it back to them - it costs them money to have it sent back.
This is what I do.


OrmIrian · 20/07/2007 12:15

Thankyou all. I've registed with the MPS. Did the TPS a while back but I didn't know you could so the same for mail.

Don't mind 'the occupier' stuff so much as that can often go straight in the recycling - ditto take-away fliers.

OP posts:

RGPargy · 20/07/2007 12:25

Also registered with MPS. Thanx!


sweetcherrypie · 20/07/2007 12:33

I know it's not junk mail as such but i hate those charity bags that get put through my door. I have filled them a couple of times with unwanted things but i get about 2 or 3 per week through the door. I don't leave them out, i just bin them.


babygrand · 20/07/2007 13:50

You have to watch those - sometimes they're not from charities but from money-making organisations if you read the small print.


clumsymum · 20/07/2007 13:53

Get a shredder.

Kids LOVE shoving letters in the shredder, so you don't have to worry about the bits that have your personal details on, just get the kids to shred all junk mail, and tip the shreddings into the recycling bin.

BTW we don't have to take wiondows out of envelopes for our recycling.


LowFatMilkshake · 20/07/2007 13:53

Would just like to point out that Postmen and womens low wages are subsidised by the amount of junk mail and flyers they deliver, so although you hate's how they pay the bills.


babygrand · 20/07/2007 13:56

Don't care. What about the environment? Our time and quality of life?


LowFatMilkshake · 20/07/2007 14:02

Putting the items in the recycling bin does not take more than 30 seconds!

But I am talking between 2 and 5 pence per leaflet and for postpeople who deliver to 500 houses this can make a big difference.


cheechymunchy · 20/07/2007 14:04

I'm relocating abroad so signed for the mail preference service. We now have so little post (2-3 letters a week) that I wait by the front door for just SOMETHING to arrive! I urge you to do it.

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