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to stop people with long dark hair to stop coming to my house. The evidence is......

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UCM · 15/07/2007 23:35

compelling, they fucking leave it everywhere. I only have white bedlinen, white tiles in my bathroom and white towels. It's like living in 'where the wild things are'.....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

OP posts:

Beauregard · 15/07/2007 23:36

oh thats me out then.


Beauregard · 15/07/2007 23:36

Rather hairist aren't you!


JammyPotter · 15/07/2007 23:37

my dh says this about me -

my hair has been found on the hob and [boak] inside the fridge door


sallystrawberry · 15/07/2007 23:39

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

luckylady74 · 15/07/2007 23:39

on dd's dummy ,in bath when i've been using shower upstairs for days, on glasses that i'm passing to people and i notice too late!


UCM · 15/07/2007 23:39

Why oh why does everyone I know have long dark hair including DH. It's wrong.

OP posts:

UCM · 15/07/2007 23:52

Tis 'gusting

OP posts:

iesha · 16/07/2007 08:32

oh, I know what you mean. My SIL has long curly dark hair and it gets everywhere. And I actaully have to buy drain cleaner whenever she stays for the weekend. I love her tho (i need some advice from her later so I have to be nice


Sixofone · 16/07/2007 10:43

I am 'blonde' which is good, because when sneaky unhighlighted dark hairs are found in unpleasant places, I can pretend they don't belong to me


Hassled · 16/07/2007 10:55

DD's new boyfriend has long dark hair - looks like Ozzy Osbourne from behind - which is fine but when he stays the night and uses the shower he reveals that he also has long dark pubes which are apparently invisible to him in as much as he never rinses them away. He seems to be shedding them at a rapid rate- way TMI, I know, and I'm trying very hard not to wonder why a hairy 18 year old would shed quite so many pubes.


Sixofone · 16/07/2007 10:59

OMG your dd's boyfriends pubes is the LAST thing you want to have to think about


geekgirl · 16/07/2007 11:03

oh, I know it's disgusting - but don't know how to control it. Should I shave it all off?
It does get everywhere, I admit.


Sixofone · 16/07/2007 11:05

It is sometimes ten times worse when you find a long dark hair and have NO IDEA who it belongs to...

E.g. in a Tescos ready meal.


GreebosWhiskers · 16/07/2007 11:06

An ex of mine had really long dark hair & kept moaning that I was leaving long red hairs all over his house - he wanted me to keep my hair tied back whenever I went over!



Meglet · 16/07/2007 14:20

my hair annoys me too. sorry!

my ds poo-ed out some a few weeks ago

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