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gingerbabe · 15/07/2007 16:26

DH and I both work. He works full time and commutes, but is home at a reasonable hour (usually). I freelance from home. DD1 is at school and DD2 at nursery in mornings. Being self employed my work is sporadic - sometimes I can be working weekends and evenings, as well as when kids at school, but other times I have nothing on. My issue is that I would like to get a cleaner but DH feels it is my part of my job to do the cleaning as he is the one with the full time job and I look after the house.

I feel that, as we are both working to some degree, we should get a cleaner. It's not something either of us enjoy. If I wasn't working then yes I would do it (reluctantly) but I do work and when I am busy I don;t have time to clean thoroughly. Am I being unreasonable? I think he feels that I lounge around watching daytime TV all day and having coffee mornings. When I told him that after picking DD2 up from nursery we do stuff together like backing cakes etc, he said that I have to prioritise cleaning and that it wouldn't hurt her for me to put her in front of TV for an hour or so, so that I can clean. Grrrrr!!

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gingerbabe · 16/07/2007 22:06

Thank you all so much for your comments. I was starting to think I was being unreasonable, but now am convinced that I need to stand my ground. Unfortunately, I am not taking on any more work for next 7 weeks as it's school hols, so might have to wait until September to resume my argument.

But I think in that time I can work on him, especially after spending 24/7 looking after the little darlings for the next month and a half.

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