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to be angered by my good friend talking to my dc as if they were only 2months old?

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haychee · 13/07/2007 20:15

I have a very good friend whos 2dc are the same ages as my own (6&4) except hers are boys and mine are girls. We see her everyday at school, sometimes after school and weekends etc. She talks all baby-ish to my dc like they are stupid or something. She also makes sarcastic comments and think that the children will not get it because they are too young. But they do get it because i can be very sarcastic myself and so can they (6yr old anyway definitely has mastered it). My dd1 knows it can be rude to be sarcastic like that and i can see her loking at me when my friend does it to her as if to say, help me out here.
What should i do? She is a very good friend but this is really starting to annoy me so much that i think twice before saying yes to a meet up.

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TiredFedUpNanny · 13/07/2007 20:24

I think you may be being a tad unreasonable. Well, you are not unreasonable to be irritated but to put off meeting up or to feel so put out and offended, as if she thinks your children are thick, may be a teeny weeny bit unreasonable.

Does she talk to her own children in this same way? If not, she may be overplaying the nice card. But it just sounds like she's one of those really mumsy types who spoonfeed everything to their DCs. It doesn't necessarily mean she thinks they are thick; she probably just feels they are small and doesn't realise their sarcastic wit is on a par with that of Jack Dee.


haychee · 13/07/2007 20:30

You hit the nail right on the head she is sooo mumsy! You should see her and her ds1 out on their bikes, all padded up as if they are setting out down the side of a mountain!

But it does irritate me and my dd1, i feel like i need to say something. I dont know if i dare though for fear of hurting her feelings.

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vixma · 13/07/2007 20:39

Is she being nice or insecurre. My son is nearly 11 and we have one women (who gets on my nerves) who talks to him and me like we are 6 years old. It is very annoying ( I am aware we are younger than her, me included) and I just let it slide by because there is no point bringing it up as yuour aware of it so stuff it, these people exist, move on. I dont mean it to sound harsh as bloody hell, you know and I know stuff it, it is one person (thank heavens). Let it slide over your head and look forwards to adult conversations....If you dont have these, u are an adult and thank god for normallity.....patiance and more patience and sanity.


haychee · 13/07/2007 21:01

patience yes, i dont have much patience these days!

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